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Russian soldiers abandoning their lines in Galicia This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains battleground photography.

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vintage photoRussian soldiers abandoning their lines in Galicia (CNP) vintage photoRiga, the Baltic port occupied by the Germans (CNP)
vintage photoGeneral von Emmich at Liege, August 1914 (CNP) vintage photoFamous City Hall of Louvain (CNP)
vintage photoBelgian refugees at the port of Ostend (CNP) vintage photoPontoon bridge from Antwerp over the Scheldt, 1914 (CNP)
vintage photoGerman telephone post on the Western Front (CNP) vintage photoBringing up a Belgian field gun, 1914 (CNP)
vintage photoFrench on the firing line at the First Battle of the Marne (CNP) vintage photoAustrian field works on the Galician Front (CNP)
vintage photoWomen of Shavli, Kovno, returning to their burned homes (CNP) vintage photoFrench officers on Hartmannsweilerkopf in the Vosges (CNP)
vintage photoRepairing a railway bridge over the Dunajec (CNP) vintage photoRussian Cossacks passing through a village in Galicia (CNP)
vintage photoRussian officers and peasants watching an Austrian bombardment (CPE) vintage photoA French military kitchen not far from the battlefront (CPE)
vintage photoBarrage fire at night (CNP) vintage photoReinforcements and supplies for the French troops near Verdun (CPE)
vintage photoCanadian soldiers enjoying a holiday behind the Western Front (CNP) vintage photoBritish troops advancing by auto (CNP)
vintage photoRussian cavalry crossing the Danube River into Romania (CNP) vintage photoOld fortifications of Verdun (CNP)
vintage photoRomanian red hussars on the firing line (CNP) vintage photoRoad to Cumieres through the Bois de Corbeau (CNP)
vintage photoChallenging an automobile at night on the Marne (CNP) vintage photoA tunnel on Dead Man Hill, Verdun, filled with German dead (CNP)
vintage photoOn Dead Man Hill (Le Mort Homme), near Verdun (CNP) vintage photoBritish Lewis gunners hunting aeroplanes in the Balkans (CNP)
vintage photoItalian advance in difficult conditions (CNP) vintage photoFiring a rocket alarm (CNP)
vintage photoTurkish flags captured by Russian forces at Erzerum, February 1916 (CPE) vintage photoItalian soldiers crossing a stream under fire (CPE)
vintage photoOn Dead Man Hill (Le Mort Homme), near Verdun (CNP) vintage photoBritish Lewis gunners hunting aeroplanes in the Balkans (CNP)
vintage photoOld German lines on Messines Ridge, Belgium (CNP) vintage photoOccupying shell holes on the British front (CNP)
vintage photoRevolver practice for American soldiers abroad (CNP) vintage photoRemoving wounded men from the battle front (CNP)
vintage photoField drill for American soldiers in France (CNP) vintage photoAustralian soldiers in Belgium studying a model of Messines Ridge (CNP)
vintage photoAmerican field artillery resting after march (CNP) vintage photoMoving a French gun on the Somme battle front (CNP)
vintage photoCamouflaged soldier (CNP) vintage photoSerbian lines after victory over the Bulgarians (CPE)
vintage photoAmerican dispensary on Grecourt on the Somme (CNP) vintage photoAmerican engineers behind the British lines (CNP)
vintage photoA view of Baghdad from the left bank of the Tigris (CPE) vintage photoBritish soldiers sent to relieve Kut-el-Amara at a religious ceremony (CPE)
vintage photoArmoured cars on the British Indian border (CPE) vintage photoBritish Tommies pulling a field gun out of the mud (CNP)
vintage photoYpres in the autumn of 1917 (CNP) vintage photoFrench and American officers reviewing American troops (CNP)
vintage photoFrench artillery regiment reviewed by French and U.S. officers (CNP) vintage photoRemarkable German periscope (CNP)
vintage photoBritish engineers bridging flooded ground in Flanders (CNP) vintage photoFrench position near Steenstraete on the Yser under bombardment (CNP)
vintage photoCamouflaged road through a ruined town (CNP) vintage photoFrench snipers sheltered in the ruins of a village (CNP)
vintage photoA view of Thiepval on the Somme, captured by the British (CPE) vintage photoAmerican congressmen visiting the citadel of Verdun (CNP)
vintage photoBeginning barrage fire in Champagne (CNP) vintage photoThe Vardar valley, highway between Salonika and Nish (CPE)
vintage photoOil wells destroyed in the Romanian retreat (CPE) vintage photoConsolidating a captured position on the Aisne front (CNP)
vintage photoFrench soldiers going into a curtain of fire (CPE) vintage photoDamascus Gate, Jerusalem (CNP)
vintage photoJerusalem, taken by British troops, December 1917 (CNP) vintage photoThe Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem (CNP)
vintage photoBombardment in the mountains of the Austro-Italian frontier (CNP) vintage photoGerman concrete pill-box (CNP)
vintage photoAn Austrian mountain corps (CPE) vintage photoThe city of Verdun from the canal (CPE)
vintage photoCentre of German resistance on the Western Front (CNP) vintage photoDifficult Austrian advance in the Tyrol (CNP)
vintage photoFrench charge on the farm of Mennejeav, region of Chemin des Dames (CNP) vintage photoCharge in the region of the Chemin des Dames (CNP)
vintage photoFrench ski runners in the Vosges mountains (CNP) vintage photoAmericans at field drill in France (CNP)
vintage photoItalian sentry in the snow (CNP) vintage photoGeneral Allenby entering Jerusalem through the Jaffa Gate (CNP)
vintage photoAllenby receiving the notables of Jerusalem in barrack square (CNP) vintage photoAllenby reading the proclamation of Military Law in Jerusalem (CNP)
vintage photoFrench pontoon bridges across the Meuse (CPE) vintage photoThe village of Vaux after bombardment (CPE)
vintage photoCossacks entering the captured fortress of Przemysl (NW) vintage photoJapanaese bombardment at Tsing-tau (CPE)
vintage photoGerman battery in the snows of Poland (CPE) vintage photoAustrians laying a field telephone across a stream (NW)
vintage photoRuins of Louvain (CPE) vintage photoFrench military car picking up the dead (CPE)
vintage photoRuins at Longwy (CPE) vintage photoGerman sappers wrecking Allied train line (CPE)
vintage photoGerman signal corps cutting enemy telegraph wires (CPE) vintage photoBelgian armoured train used in defence of Antwerp (CPE)
vintage photoBombardment of Antwerp (CPE) vintage photoGerman observers in the Argonne (CPE)
vintage photoCross marked graves of soldiers in northern France (CPE) vintage photoGerman watch on the Yser (CPE)
vintage photoWinter in Flanders (CPE) vintage photoAfter a snowstorm in France (CPE)

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