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Great Austrian Skoda gun which fired a 12-inch shell This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of artillery developed and deployed during wartime.

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vintage photoBringing up a Belgian field gun, 1914 (CNP) vintage photoGreat Austrian Skoda gun which fired a 12-inch shell (CNP)
vintage photoGenerals Foch and Fayolle examining German 77's (CNP) vintage photoBattery of anti-aircraft guns near Kupa, Macedonia (CNP)
vintage photoYale artillery companies with a battery of 75's (CNP) vintage photoArtillery at the Officers' Training Camp, Plattsburg, N.Y. (CNP)
vintage photoMoving artillery in the Alps (CNP) vintage photoBritish artillery hammering the German lines (CNP)
vintage photoFinding the range for the 75's (CNP) vintage photoCamouflaged artillery post (CNP)
vintage photoLoading a big coast-defence gun (CNP) vintage photoAustralian artillery ready for battle (CNP)
vintage photoLearning a French quick-firing gun (CNP) vintage photoFirst Virginia field artillery at drill (CNP)
vintage photoBritish Tommies pulling a field gun out of the mud (CNP) vintage photoMoving a French gun on the Somme battle front (CNP)
vintage photoFrench artillery after fighting through a gas attack (CNP) vintage photo400 millimetre gun in action (CNP)
vintage photoLengthwise view of 400 millimetre gun and its machinery (CNP) vintage photoLarge French mortar just after discharge (CNP)
vintage photoFrench soldier discharging 'Crapouillots' (CNP) vintage photoArmoured train with a gun turret (CNP)
vintage photoFront view of a gun position (CNP) vintage photoBringing up shells on a narrow-guage railroad (CNP)
vintage photoMotor-mounted gun in a camouflaged position (CNP) vintage photoAmmunition depot, where shells for 75's are concealed (CNP)
vintage photoCamouflaged battery in Belgium (CNP) vintage photoFrench gun pounding enemy lines in the Vosges (CNP)
vintage photoMoving great shells in a camouflaged position (CNP) vintage photoGreat supply of shells close to the firing lines (CNP)
vintage photoRevolving turret and gun on an armoured train (CNP) vintage photoHuge French gun in camouflaged position in Italy (CNP)
vintage photoThoroughly concealed artillery position (CNP) vintage photoWorkmen completing a 20-inch French gun (CNP)
vintage photoBritish field artillery (MF) vintage photoKing George V in a gun-pit (MF)
vintage photoBritish artillery piece (MF) vintage photoFrench artillery men in boats, 1915 (MF)
vintage photoFrench people with artillery shell (MF) vintage photoRussian artillery (CPE)
vintage photoMoving a French 75mm gun (CPE) vintage photoMoving a German gun (CPE)
vintage photoAustrian field artillery in Russia (CPE) vintage photoGermans refortifying Antwerp, 1914 (CPE)
vintage photoWreckage of a Brussels fort, 1914 (CPE) vintage photoGun destroyed by Japanese shell at Bismarck Fort, Tsing-tau (CPE)
vintage photoJapanaese bombardment at Tsing-tau (CPE) vintage photoGerman battery in the snows of Poland (CPE)
vintage photoFrench 220mm cannon, 1914 (MF) vintage photoAustralian heavy gun at work (MF)
vintage photoHot work for the Australian gunners (MF) vintage photoLoading a trench mortar (MF)
vintage photoTractor for transporting British guns (CPE) vintage photoServing a gun on a British armoured train (CPE)
vintage photoRange finder or telemeter (CPE) vintage photoA large German 8-inch gun in action (CPE)
vintage photoA captured Russian cannon (CPE) vintage photoWork of an Austrian siege gun, the Skoda (CPE)
vintage photoA large Italian 8.2 inch mortar (CPE) vintage photoItalian batteries at nightfall in the Isonzo (CPE)
vintage photoGerman anti-aircarft gun mounted on a turntable (CPE) vintage photoItalian battery in a protected position (CPE)
vintage photoItalian artillerymen pulling a gun to a vantage point (CPE) vintage photoFrench artillery in the Battle of Champagne (CPE)
vintage photoBritish artillery at Gallipoli on Cape Helles (CPE) vintage photoBursting shell which killed the photographer (visible at bottom) (CPE)
vintage photoAn Austrian siege gun in Serbia (CPE) vintage photoBritish soldiers hoisting the shell for a giant gun (CPE)
vintage photoGuns in a captured Romanian fortress, 1916 (CPE) vintage photoPlatform and mechanism of a well-placed mortar (CPE)
vintage photoBritish gunners who have sighted German aircraft (CPE) vintage photoAnzac artillery in the Battle of the Somme, 1916 (CPE)
vintage photoFrench guns passing on a road in the Verdun battlefield (CPE) vintage photoA German 380-mm shell striking a house in Verdun (CPE)
vintage photoItalian gun on a mountain-top fighting for the Trentino (CPE) vintage photoBringing up the French 75's in the fighting on the Somme (CPE)
vintage photoRussian artillery and cavalry in the Carpathians (CPE) vintage photoTurkish 18-pounder Krupp gun captured by British Indians (CPE)
vintage photoA huge British mortar (CNP) vintage photoBig British mortar in position near the Somme (CNP)
vintage photoCaptured German artillery on show in Paris after the war (SR) vintage photoStylised sketch of use of heavy duty tractors to pull guns (SR)
vintage photoBelgian artillery in Flanders, early 1914 (SR) vintage photoFrench artillery pounding the German lines (SR)
vintage photoBelgian field guns in the Battle of Hofstade (WW) vintage photoItalian heavy howitzer used against Germans on the Piave (WW)
vintage photoHauling Italian big guns up Mount Grappa (WW) vintage photoItalian gun being brought across a Trentino Alps valley by cable (WW)
vintage photoShrapnel shells being capped with time fuses at Bethlehem Steel Works (WW) vintage photoTons of metal ready to be placed within shells (WW)
vintage photoPounding a big gun into shape at Bethlehem Steel Works (WW) vintage photoMembers of U.S. field artillery grooming their horses (WW)
vintage photoU.S. artillery in France (WW) vintage photoBritish gun sinking on the roadside (WW)
vintage photoBritish gun after firing (WW) vintage photoEffects of a high explosive shell (WW)
vintage photoHeavy French artillery (WW) vintage photoBritish gunners working a 6-inch Howitzer battery (WW)
vintage photoBritish sending shells behind German lines on the Western Front (WW) vintage photoBritish Royal Horse Artillery approaching a battery position (WW)

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A 'Woolly Bear' comprised a German shrapnel shell, which burst with a cloud-like explosion.

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