Vintage Photographs - Introduction

U.S. Secretary of War Newton Baker This section of the website contains 3,900 archive photographs - of battles, politicians, royalty, army commanders, airmen and scientists among many other categories - chiefly taken during wartime.  A number of photographs were also captured in the years leading up to war in 1914.

Each of the photos was originally published in the many illustrated publications which professed to tell the story of the war while it was underway, with varying degrees of accuracy and sometimes subject to censorship.  Additional photos have been supplied for inclusion by site contributors.

The source publication is noted by code alongside each photo within the section: click here for more information.  Click here to view a content listing (in simple text format) of all photographs contained within this section of the site.

The photographs are grouped by category.  Use the sidebar to the right to select the category in which you are interested; a list of available photos from that category will then be displayed in thumbnail format; simply click individual photos to view larger copies in a separate browser window.

Click here to view present day photographs and film footage of the Western Front battlefields.

'Kitchener's Army' comprised Men recruited into the British Army a result of Lord Kitchener's appeal for volunteers.

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