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Bolshevist demonstration against the Kerenski government This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of service on the various home fronts of the war.

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vintage photoBolshevist demonstration against the Kerenski government (CNP) vintage photoGerman artillery passing through the Brandenburg Gate, Summer 1914 (CNP)
vintage photoRuins of Petrograd police barracks, wrecked by Bolshevik forces (WW) vintage photoClearing away wrecked Belgian trains (CNP)
vintage photoPontoon bridge from Antwerp over the Scheldt, 1914 (CNP) vintage photoMining the American coast (CNP)
vintage photoCanadian regimental flags over the tomb of Wolfe at Westm. Abbey (CNP) vintage photoPiles of Russian Imperial Eagles and royal arms being burned (WW)
vintage photoPortable searchlight used by U.S. Marines (CNP) vintage photoTrain of motor trucks on the way to the Atlantic coast (CNP)
vintage photoU-C-5 exhibited in Central Park to aid the Liberty Loan (CNP) vintage photoAmerican troops in London reviewed by King George V (CNP)
vintage photoBritish tank on Fifth Avenue (CNP) vintage photoUntrained U.S. National Army men on Fifth Avenue, 5 Sept 1917 (CNP)
vintage photoParade of U.S. Army men, Washington's birthday, 22 Feb 1918 (CNP) vintage photoKrupp gun works at Essen (CPE)
vintage photoFrench munition works at Creusot (CPE) vintage photoReading the death list in Petrograd (CPE)
vintage photoWreckage from an air raid in Malden, London (CPE) vintage photoA Zeppelin caught by searchlight over London, October 1915 (CPE)
vintage photoCanadian soldiers convalescing in Maidenhead, England (CPE) vintage photoWatching the guns fire from the Hohenzollern Bridge, 28 June 1919 (SR)
vintage photoHomeless Belgian war victims (WW) vintage photoBelgian retreat from Antwerp (WW)
vintage photoBelgian retreat from Bruges (WW) vintage photoWounded receiving attention at Dublin Castle following Easter Rising (WW)
vintage photoInterior of General Post Office in Dublin following the Easter Rising (WW) vintage photoBuildings in Dublin wrecked (WW)
vintage photoHomeless children following the Easter Rising in Dublin (WW) vintage photoLondoners fleeing German air raids (WW)
vintage photoClearing away the aftermath of a German air raid in London (WW) vintage photoLondon dugout filled with families hiding from German air raid (WW)
vintage photoMother and son inspecting ruins of their London home (WW) vintage photoSuburban London homes destroyed during a German air raid (WW)
vintage photoPhoto taken 13 miles from the Halifax Explosion 15 seconds afterwards (WW) vintage photoHouses wrecked as part of the Halifax Disaster (WW)
vintage photoBodies of victims of the Halifax Disaster (WW) vintage photoMachine guns mows down people on Nevsky Prospect (WW)
vintage photoThe Kremlin in Moscow wrecked by Bolshevik forces (WW) vintage photoLitovski Prison, Petrograd, wrecked by Bolshevik forces (WW)
vintage photoAllied soldiers and civilians congregating in Paris (WW) vintage photoU.S. flag at St. Paul's Cathedral, London (WW)
vintage photoCaptured Russian, Belgian and French guns being paraded in Berlin (NW) vintage photoChildren saluting passing British troops (NW)
vintage photoBritish soldier saying farewell to his wife and child (NW) vintage photoBritish troops passing through London en route for the Front (NW)
vintage photoScots Guards leaving Southampton for the Western Front (NW) vintage photoWomen in France mourning for their lost relatives (NW)
vintage photoBritish boys play-acting at trench warfare (NW) vintage photoTraining English schoolboys for future officers (NW)
vintage photoSearchlights over London (NW) vintage photoKing George and the Queen pay tribute to Lord Kitchener (NW)
vintage photoBurial of Paris Zeppelin victims, January 1916 (NW) vintage photoThe Hall of Mechanics in the Grand Palace, Paris (NW)
vintage photoAmerican volunteers off to join the French Army (NW) vintage photoHospital rest for wounded soldiers at Paris' Grand Palais (NW)
vintage photoBoy points through Whitby Abbey to sea where German raiders struck (NW) vintage photoKing George V's homage to the Unknown Soldier, 11 November 1920 (MF)
vintage photoSouth African troop trains (NW) vintage photoPeace Day parade in France, 14 July 1919 (NW)
vintage photoObservation post in Paris to measure height and speed of aircraft (HW) vintage photoObservation post in Paris with listening equipment (HW)
vintage photoGiant searchlight in Paris (HW) vintage photoFrench 75 gun on the outskirts of Paris to counter enemy aircraft (HW)
vintage photoThe Bolshevik Red Guard in Moscow (HW) vintage photoVictorious American troops arriving at New York after the armistice (HW)
vintage photoDecorated French artillery battery leaving Versailles for the Front (GW) vintage photoReservists joining the Colours in Paris (GW)
vintage photoBelgian Civic Guards who helped to slow the German advance (GW) vintage photoCity of London recruits cheering Lord Roberts at the Tower of London (GW)
vintage photoBelgians obliterating sign-post directions to confuse the enemy (GW) vintage photoGrenadier Guards for the Front marching past Buckingham Palace (GW)
vintage photoFarewell scenes at Johannesburg (GW) vintage photoTransvaal Scottish leaving Johannesburg for German South-West Africa (GW)
vintage photoFirst contingent of Canadian forces leaving Toronto for England (GW) vintage photoJohannesburg volunteers leaving for the Front (GW)
vintage photoFuneral of Lord Roberts at St Paul's Cathedral, 19 Nov 1914 (GW) vintage photoA boy among the remains of Whitby Abbey, 16 Dec 1914 (GW)
vintage photoDamage to Scarborough lighthouse, 16 Dec 1914 (GW) vintage photoMontenegro's infantry marching past the royal palace (GW)
vintage photoHouses in Hartlepool, England, after German bombardment (GW) vintage photoRemains of Whitby coastguard station after German bombardment (GW)
vintage photoAn Italian ammunition factory (GW) vintage photoDeclaring the Holy War in Constantinople (GW)
vintage photoTurkish reserves marching in Constantinople (GW) vintage photoCanadian contingent's farewell: a scene at Victoria, British Columbia (GW)
vintage photoRussian reinforcements entraining for the Front (GW) vintage photoAustralian troops marching through the streets of Melbourne (GW)
vintage photoBritish farmer sowing while a woman works the team (GW) vintage photoChief of the Women's Police Force in London (GW)
vintage photoWartime booking office clerk at a railway station (GW) vintage photoBasket-making for shells at Bisbridge, near Godalming (GW)
vintage photoHarrow school-boys making munitions under direction of a schoolmaster (GW) vintage photoWomen carting hay in the Forage Reserve Depot, Richmond, Surrey (GW)
vintage photoSoldiers' wives waiting for news from the Front (GW) vintage photoStamboul and the Golden Horn (GW)
vintage photoView of Constantinople (GW) vintage photoGreek reservists arriving at Salonika (GW)
vintage photoGeneral Cousin conferring war decorations to fallen relations (GW) vintage photoFrench anti-aircraft gun defending Paris from above (GW)
vintage photoHouse damaged by shellfire at Lowestoft (GW) vintage photoFrench crowds welcome decorated Anzac troops at Marseille (GW)
vintage photoWrecked convalescent home at Lowestoft - the Matron's Room (GW) vintage photo5,000 women waiting for bread at the Hotel de Ville at Malines (FF)

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A 'Gearsman' was a tank crew member responsible for managing the gears.

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