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Russian soldiers abandoning their lines in Galicia This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains battleground photography.

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vintage photoObservation shelter near Memel, Prussia (CPE) vintage photoItalian scouts approaching Austrian lines in the tall grass (CPE)
vintage photoFrench infantry in a bayonet charge (CPE) vintage photoA German telescoping searchlight in France (CPE)
vintage photoFleeing the Russian invasion from Silesia, 1914 (CPE) vintage photoEffects of a Zeppelin bomb in Antwerp (NW)
vintage photoStragglers from the Russian line of march (NW) vintage photoPeasant's shelter in East Prussia (CPE)
vintage photoResults of a single shell at the Battle of Haelen (CPE) vintage photoIn the forest of Mesnel after the fight (CPE)
vintage photoA barricade among ruins in France (CPE) vintage photoRussian Ammunition train destroyed by shells near Warsaw (CPE)
vintage photoThe dead in heaps at Belgrade (CPE) vintage photoA town swept by the Russians (CPE)
vintage photoGurkhas defending the Suez Canal (CPE) vintage photoRussian Poles searching the ashes (CPE)
vintage photoDestruction of a forest overlooking the Meuse by shell-fire (CPE) vintage photoGerman riflemen in Russian Poland (CPE)
vintage photoBurning the bodies of war dead in Russia (NW) vintage photoA difficult homecoming for Russian women near the Baltic (CPE)
vintage photoLanding French and English troops at the Dardanelles (CPE) vintage photoMaking 16,000 daily loaves for German Army consumption (NW)
vintage photoScene after battle with German Uhlans (MF) vintage photoRussian infantry and civilians evacuating Przemysl (NW)
vintage photoThe horror of war - one of the Austrian dead (NW) vintage photoA battleground in Galicia (CPE)
vintage photoA charge by French African Chausseurs (CPE) vintage photoStoring explosives in a cave near the Aisne (CPE)
vintage photoExecution of Serbian spies by the Austrians (CPE) vintage photoAn Austrian field watch on the Tyrolese border (CPE)
vintage photoDefending the Masurian Lake country, East Prussia (CPE) vintage photoFrench and German dead in Champagne, France (CPE)
vintage photoCarting the dead off the battlefield (CPE) vintage photoSentry on guard for the Allies in a ruined chateau (CPE)
vintage photoA Russian armoured car in Poland (CPE) vintage photoThe orderly Russian retreat from Poland (CPE)
vintage photoA mine explosion on the Western Front (CPE) vintage photoA bridge on the Kalesch-Warsaw line (CPE)
vintage photoBursting shell which killed the photographer (visible at bottom) (CPE) vintage photoFrench sapper mine laying under the enemy lines (CPE)
vintage photoA ruined fort at the Dardanelles (CPE) vintage photoAn Austrian field priest and a wounded soldier, May 1916 (CPE)
vintage photoAfter a house-to-house battle in Champagne (CPE) vintage photoLowering a wounded Austrian soldier on the Austro-Italian border (CPE)
vintage photoView of the banks of the River San in Przemysl (NW) vintage photoA barrier of spikes protecting the battleground (CPE)
vintage photoA forest entanglement (CPE) vintage photoMeuse heights under bombardment during the Battle of Verdun (CPE)
vintage photoPanorama of Lemberg (CPE) vintage photoA movable telephone on the Western Front (CPE)
vintage photoThe trees of Hurlus forest, Perthes (CPE) vintage photoBulgarian convoy near the border of Serbia (CPE)
vintage photoA glimpse of Uskub (Skopje), Serbia (CPE) vintage photoA shallow grave somewhere in France (CPE)
vintage photoBritish cycle corps near the Greek border (CPE) vintage photoRetreat of the Serbian Army (CPE)
vintage photoA British searchlight on the coast of Flanders (CPE) vintage photoCross-marked Allied graves at Gallipoli (CPE)
vintage photoBroken hills of the Gallipoli peninsula (CPE) vintage photoSerbian advance in the face of bursting shells (CPE)
vintage photoAustrian portable disinfecting apparatus (NW) vintage photoTurkish camps at Gallipoli (CPE)
vintage photoBattered helmet of a French soldier, penetrated in 22 places (CPE) vintage photoClearing a battlefield (NW)
vintage photoGerman military supplies at Belgrade (CPE) vintage photoUndermining the enemy: entry to underground mine passages (CPE)
vintage photoAn observer's station (CPE) vintage photoGerman transport passing through a destroyed Polish town fire (CPE)
vintage photoLancashire landing and harbour at the Dardanelles (CPE) vintage photoBritish troops landing at Salonika (CPE)
vintage photoBritish South African troops in German East Africa (CPE) vintage photoFrench colonial soldiers at Mudros (CPE)
vintage photoWinter uniforms worn by German soldiers on the Austrian frontier (CPE) vintage photoShells bursting on German positions near the Somme (CPE)
vintage photoRussian troops in Prussia, 1914 (SR) vintage photoFrench infantry move up to positions in a captured village (SR)
vintage photoFrench troops marching to the Somme front past colonial troops (SR) vintage photoFrench kitchens behind the front lines (SR)
vintage photoSerbian soldiers crossing snow mountain terrain (SR) vintage photoPhoto taken from a balloon showing battlefield devastation (SR)
vintage photoRuins of Ypres (SR) vintage photoBelgian postcard showing the German Army's November 1918 retreat (SR)
vintage photoDugouts at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli (SR) vintage photoAerial photo of Verdun under German bombardment (SR)
vintage photoLieut-Col. Boeger arriving as German Commandant of Dinant (WW) vintage photoBelgian field guns in the Battle of Hofstade (WW)
vintage photoAustrian atrocities in Serbia (WW) vintage photoA Serbian supply depot behind Serbian lines (WW)
vintage photoPont des Arches bridge in Liege wrecked by Belgians (WW) vintage photoRuins of Louvain (WW)
vintage photoBelgian militia attacking Uhlans near Ypres (WW) vintage photoRuins of Louvain along Rue de Station (WW)
vintage photoGerman troops passing through Louvain (WW) vintage photoBefore the ruins of Termonde (WW)
vintage photoGermans camped in the ballroom of an estate near Aerschot (WW) vintage photoBeersheba when the British entered it (WW)
vintage photoBritish camelry resting in the dried-up bed of the river Wadi (WW) vintage photoAllied leaders in Jerusalem, General Allenby saluting (WW)
vintage photoPriest reading the proclamation of Military Law in Jerusalem (WW) vintage photoBritish infantry visiting Solomon's Pools in Jerusalem (WW)

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A 'Toasting Fork' was a bayonet, often used for the named purpose.

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