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German aeroplane squadron This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of aircraft and aviators.

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vintage photoAeroplane in the Balkans watched by a group of Serbians (CNP) vintage photoTransporting a Taube to France (CNP)
vintage photoGerman Aviatik brought down in France (CNP) vintage photoCaptured German Taube displayed (CNP)
vintage photoGerman aeroplane destroyed in Greece (CNP) vintage photoGerman aeroplane masquering as an Ally (CNP)
vintage photoPainting the Iron Cross on an aeroplane (CNP) vintage photoGerman aeroplane squadron (CNP)
vintage photoFrench air scout emerging from the clouds (CNP) vintage photoAviators over the Alps (CNP)
vintage photoAviation camp at Ashburn, Ill. (CNP) vintage photoAeroplane that crashed through a roof (CNP)
vintage photoTesting out dirigibles and observation balloons (CNP) vintage photoObservation balloon on the Canadian front (CNP)
vintage photoHangars and aeroplane at a Canadian aviation school (CNP) vintage photoFrench monoplabe Morane Parasol (CNP)
vintage photoBritish bombing plane of the Handley-Page type (CNP) vintage photoFrench bombing aircraft of the Caudron type (CNP)
vintage photoReceiving reports from a balloon (CNP) vintage photoBalloon telephone service (CNP)
vintage photoAviator with a telephoto camera (CNP) vintage photoCaproni in flight at Norfolk, Va. (CNP)
vintage photoFilling a 'Saucisse' observation balloon (CNP) vintage photoBritish Tommies bringing up a 'Nurse' balloon (CNP)
vintage photoAeroplanes at the Aeronautical Station, Newport News (CNP) vintage photoAviator Raoul Lufbery in his aeroplane (CNP)
vintage photoGun of a German aeroplane (CNP) vintage photoGuns on a Nieuport pursuit machine (CNP)
vintage photoFrench dirigible entering its hangar on the Western Front (CNP) vintage photoBritish observation balloon (CNP)
vintage photoFarman biplane in flight (CNP) vintage photoSpad, a French pursuit aircraft (CNP)
vintage photoAmerican airmen receiving their mail from home (CNP) vintage photoSketch of Nieuport flying over Chaulnes (CNP)
vintage photoSketch of fighting after the pilot is wounded (CNP) vintage photoSketch of aircraft dropping bombs on a submarine (CNP)
vintage photoCross and car on the Zeppelin L-49 (CNP) vintage photoOne of the lateral Nacelles on the Zeppelin L-49 (CNP)
vintage photoMachine gun in the commander's post of Zeppelin L-49 (CNP) vintage photoMotor and framework of Nacelle in Zeppelin L-49 (CNP)
vintage photoFramework of a Zeppelin wrecked in England (CNP) vintage photoFlag of the Zeppelin L-49 (CNP)
vintage photoCaptain Georges Guynemer (CNP) vintage photoAviator's view of Rheims (CNP)
vintage photoGebevillier from an aeroplane (CNP) vintage photoZeppelin L-49 lying where it landed at Bourbonne-les-Bains (CNP)
vintage photoSketch of aircraft battling Dunkirk (CNP) vintage photoSketch of duel over clouds and ocean (CNP)
vintage photoTorpedo that just missed a transport (CNP) vintage photoSighting a dirigible near the coast of France (CNP)
vintage photoCaproni over the Woolworth building, New York City (CNP) vintage photoBritish fighter aircraft rising (CNP)
vintage photoBritish hydroaeroplane ready to start (CNP) vintage photoBritish seaplane on the coast of German East Africa (CNP)
vintage photoGas attack seen from an aeroplane (CNP) vintage photoRaising a balloon from an Italian warship (CPE)
vintage photoGerman balloon leaving its hangar (CPE) vintage photoBritish aircraft ready for flight at Boulogne (CPE)
vintage photoTaking the sky pilot aboard a British ship (CPE) vintage photoA French balloon ascension (CPE)
vintage photoAircraft flying in the twilight in the Low Countries (CPE) vintage photoA French dirigible (CPE)
vintage photoAn observation balloon (CPE) vintage photoAeroplane machine gun, loaded by French pilot Vedrines (CPE)
vintage photoTypes of Zeppelin bombs displayed in Paris (CPE) vintage photoAn Italian monoplane (CPE)
vintage photoAn American scout aeroplane (CPE) vintage photoA German biplane (CPE)
vintage photoA speedy French monoplane (CPE) vintage photoA Curtiss flying boat built by the Italians (CPE)
vintage photoA Zeppelin caught by searchlight over London, October 1915 (CPE) vintage photoZeppelin bombs and a Zeppelin's framework (CPE)
vintage photoThe Zeppelin L-15 sinking near the English coast, 31 March 1916 (CPE) vintage photoGerman postcard from mid-1915 celebrating the Fokker aircraft (SR)
vintage photoFrench Spad S.VII aircraft (SR) vintage photoBritish observer uses parachute after being attacked by aeroplane (WW)
vintage photoAviator's photo of St Quentin in German hands in 1918 (WW) vintage photoAerial view of Fort Troyon (WW)
vintage photoAerial view of Rheims in flames (WW) vintage photoGerman Navy Zeppelin (WW)
vintage photoBritish naval pilot releasing a carrier pigeon (WW) vintage photoGerman Zeppelin returning to its harbour (WW)
vintage photoZeppelin L-44 brought down by the French (WW) vintage photoGerman dirigible 'Hansa' arriving at Potsdam harbour (WW)
vintage photoZeppelin captured by the French after being downed by airmen (WW) vintage photoSausage balloons (WW)
vintage photoRaider dropping a bomb from the air (WW) vintage photoBritish airmen prepare to take a photograph of the enemy lines (WW)
vintage photoBritish air scouts (WW) vintage photoBritish pilot and observer consulting a map (WW)
vintage photoGiant dirigibles guarding the English coast (WW) vintage photoAttaching bombs to a British aircraft (WW)
vintage photoSixteen U.S. aircraft in battle formation at Rockwell Field, CA (WW) vintage photoBritish observation aircraft flying over German lines (WW)
vintage photoGiant British bombing aircraft (left) (WW) vintage photoHandley-Page aircraft loading with aerial torpedoes on the Aisne (WW)
vintage photoHandley-Page aircraft Langley, prepared for launching in New Jersey (WW) vintage photoBritish airplane after crashing into a tree; the pilot was unhurt (WW)
vintage photoWreckage of German Gotha aircraft brought down near at Chateau Thierry (WW) vintage photoObserver leaps to safety from observation balloon in flames (WW)

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A Greyback was a British Army shirt.

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