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French Army Commander-in-Chief Joseph Joffre This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photography of armed services' commanders.

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vintage photoKing George V and Admiral Beatty (CNP) vintage photoKing Albert I and Sir Douglas Haig (CNP)
vintage photoFrench Commander in Chief Joseph Joffre (CNP) vintage photoHenri-Philippe Petain (CNP)
vintage photoAugust von Mackensen (CNP) vintage photoErich von Falkenhayn (CNP)
vintage photoEnver Pasha (CNP) vintage photoCrown Prince Wilhelm (CNP)
vintage photoPaul von Hindenburg (CNP) vintage photoPrince Leopold of Bavaria (CNP)
vintage photoErich Ludendorff (CNP) vintage photoPeyton March (CNP)
vintage photoU.S. Commander-in-Chief John J Pershing (CNP) vintage photo Henry Thomas Mayo (CNP)
vintage photo George O. Squier (CNP) vintage photo Robert L Bullard (CNP)
vintage photo Sir Edmund Allenby (CNP) vintage photo Sir Frederick Maude (CNP)
vintage photo Ferdinand Foch (CNP) vintage photoGeneral von Emmich at Liege, August 1914 (CNP)
vintage photoGenerals Foch and Fayolle examining German 77's (CNP) vintage photoMajor General Wood at Fort McPherson, Georgia (CNP)
vintage photoLord Brooke, commander of Canadian forces (CNP) vintage photoGeneral Allenby entering Jerusalem through the Jaffa Gate (CNP)
vintage photoAllenby receiving the notables of Jerusalem in barrack square (CNP) vintage photoAllenby reading the proclamation of Military Law in Jerusalem (CNP)
vintage photoGeneral Pershing and Major General Sibert with President Poincare (CNP) vintage photoGeneral Cadorna (CNP)
vintage photoGeneral Diaz (CNP) vintage photoSir John French (MF)
vintage photoJoseph Joffre (MF) vintage photoJoffre, Poincare, George V, Foch, Haig (CPE)
vintage photoGrand Duke Nicholas (CPE) vintage photoBavarian Prince Leopold (CPE)
vintage photoGerman Crown Prince Wilhelm (CPE) vintage photoAustro-Hungarian Commander-in-Chief Archduke Friedrich (left) (CPE)
vintage photoEarl Kitchener, General Boques and David Lloyd George (CPE) vintage photoGeneral von Beseler (CPE)
vintage photoSir John French, British Commander-in-Chief (CPE) vintage photoGeneral Rennenkampf (CPE)
vintage photoGeneral von Heeringen (CPE) vintage photoGeneral Kamio (CPE)
vintage photoGeneral von Kluck (CPE) vintage photoGerman Army Chief of Staff Erich von Falkenhayn (CPE)
vintage photoFerdinand Foch (CPE) vintage photoGeneral Paul Pau (CPE)
vintage photoGeneral Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien (CPE) vintage photoGeneral August von Mackensen (CPE)
vintage photoGeneral Maurice Sarrail (CPE) vintage photoGeneral Henri-Philippe Petain (CPE)
vintage photoGeneral von der Goltz (CPE) vintage photoPaul von Hindenburg (CPE)
vintage photoGeneral Leman (CPE) vintage photoAustro-Hungarian Chief of Staff General von Hotzendorf (CPE)
vintage photoPaul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff (CPE) vintage photoGeneral Gallieni (CPE)
vintage photoAdmiral Alfred von Tirpitz (CPE) vintage photoAdmiral von Pliscott (CPE)
vintage photoAdmiral John Fisher (CPE) vintage photoAdmiral Sir John Jellicoe (CPE)
vintage photoAdmiral Beatty (CPE) vintage photoLieutenant von Weddigen (CPE)
vintage photoAdmiral Sir Frederick Sturdee (CPE) vintage photoAdmiral Jackson, Jellicoe's predecessor as First Sea Lord (CPE)
vintage photoAdmiral Sir John de Robeck (CPE) vintage photoRear-Admiral Cradock (CPE)
vintage photoAdmiral Gregorovich (CPE) vintage photoAdmiral Corsi (CPE)
vintage photoGeneral Alexei Brusilov (CPE) vintage photoGeneral Cadorna (CPE)
vintage photoGeneral Castelnau (CPE) vintage photoBritish Commander-in-Chief Sir Douglas Haig (CPE)
vintage photoSir William Robertson (CPE) vintage photoCount Tisza (CPE)
vintage photoSerbian Chief of Staff Radomir Putnik (CPE) vintage photoFrench Army reviewed by King George V, Poincare and Joffre, 25 Oct 15 (CPE)
vintage photoPost-war photo of Paul von Hindenburg as German President (SR) vintage photoGeneral von Kluck (SR)
vintage photoFerdinand Foch (SR) vintage photoCrown Prince Rupert of Bavaria (SR)
vintage photoSir David Beatty (WW) vintage photoSir Douglas Haig (WW)
vintage photoSir John French (WW) vintage photoSir Julian Byng (WW)
vintage photoSerbian General Peter Vasic (WW) vintage photoAugust von Mackensen (WW)
vintage photoJan Smuts (WW) vintage photoLieut-Col. Boeger arriving as German Commandant of Dinant (WW)
vintage photoEleutherios Venizelos and General Sarrail (WW) vintage photoGeneral Cadorna (WW)
vintage photoGeneral Diaz (WW) vintage photoGeneral Cadorna with his staff officers (WW)
vintage photoAdmiral Tirpitz (WW) vintage photoRussian Commander-in-Chief Krylenko (WW)
vintage photoFerdinand Foch (WW) vintage photoFerdinand Foch and Henri-Philippe Petain (WW)
vintage photoHenri-Philippe Petain decorates wounded nurses (WW) vintage photoJoseph Joffre (WW)
vintage photoGeneral Swinton meets Benjamin Holt at the Holt offices, Stockton (TR) vintage photoGeneral Swinton meets Benjamin Holt at the Holt offices, Stockton (TR)

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The Parados was the side of a trench farthest from the enemy.

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