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Russian soldiers abandoning their lines in Galicia This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains battleground photography.

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vintage photoStreet scene in Gallipoli (NW) vintage photoFrench transports and cavalry horses after arrival at Salonika (NW)
vintage photoCattle being driven to the Russian army while in Galicia (NW) vintage photoGerman attack on Soissons (NW)
vintage photoReturning through the mud to duty in the drowned trenches (NW) vintage photoEffects of French artillery fire around Verdun (NW)
vintage photoGerman convoy destroyed by French Dragoons at Villers-Cotteret (NW) vintage photoWar and art in Ypres (NW)
vintage photoTurkish troops at Gallipoli (NW) vintage photoTroops landing at the Dardanelles (NW)
vintage photoDardanelles landing camp (NW) vintage photoBritish batteries at work at the Dardanelles (NW)
vintage photoAllied drinking water cans in the Dardanelles (NW) vintage photoAt the Dardanelles (NW)
vintage photoRussians passing through Stryj (Galicia) following capture of Przemysl (NW) vintage photoA view of Gaba Tepe (NW)
vintage photoAustro-Hungarian troops resting among Russian dead on the battlefield (NW) vintage photoHundreds of Russians in a single grave on a Galician battlefield (NW)
vintage photoSerbian infantrymen arrive in Warsaw to repel German attacks (NW) vintage photoA field of bayonets on the Polish frontier (NW)
vintage photoRussian Black Sea troops going into action (NW) vintage photoRussian supplies left behind during a hasty retreat (NW)
vintage photoResults of bombs dropped in Warsaw by advancing Germans (NW) vintage photoGerman troops on the march to Warsaw (NW)
vintage photoGerman transports in the campaign against Warsaw (NW) vintage photoAllied camp at Salonika as seen from an aeroplane (NW)
vintage photoA heavy meal by the wayside in Russia (NW) vintage photoRussian troops retreating from Przemysl (NW)
vintage photoAustrians burying Russian dead in Galicia (NW) vintage photoSerbian women burying their dead (NW)
vintage photoPolish farmhouse fired by retreating Russians (NW) vintage photoOld men and boys, side by side, in the Serbian army (NW)
vintage photoSerbian camp scene at reveille (NW) vintage photoSalonika from the sea (NW)
vintage photoFrench soldiers constructing barbed wire entanglements outside Saloniki (NW) vintage photoSerbian officers' odd shelter at Gradek on the Vardar River (NW)
vintage photoSerbians resting during a hard march (NW) vintage photoView of Monastir from a minaret (NW)
vintage photoMonument marking where 4,000 Serbs fell at Monastir in 1912 (NW) vintage photoSerbian reinforcements for a hard-pressed line (NW)
vintage photoCompany of Serbians at Lone Tree Hill, Halinchi, near Prilip (NW) vintage photoFrench rolling kitchen stopping for lunch (NW)
vintage photoForeign Legion troops halt in front of Hartmansweilerkopf in Alsace (NW) vintage photoAn ammunition depot in the rear of the French lines at Verdun (NW)
vintage photoFrench troops enjoying repose in the rear after front-line service (NW) vintage photo240mm calibre guns on steel cars near Verdun (NW)
vintage photoA dummy - fake - French gun intended to fool German airmen (NW) vintage photoVillage near Verdun with a parade of newly arrived French troops (NW)
vintage photoVerdun in ruins photographed from a French aeroplane (NW) vintage photoVerdun in ruins photographed from a French aeroplane (NW)
vintage photoFiremen fighting a fire caused by an incendiary shell in Verdun (NW) vintage photoFrench soldiers playing field sports behind lines at Verdun (NW)
vintage photoObservation post on the first line at L'Homme Mort (Dead Man's Hill) (NW) vintage photoAlgerians in a street fight (NW)
vintage photoFrench poilus eating behind the lines at Verdun (NW) vintage photoView of Verdun showing the bridge over the Meuse (NW)
vintage photoThe village of Vaux following a terrific battle (NW) vintage photoShattered town of Verdun as seen from the Bishop's Palace (NW)
vintage photoGerman rockets designed to illuminate an enemy position (NW) vintage photoMonument to men who fell in 1870 at Verdun, in the Bishop's Palace (NW)
vintage photoA street in Verdun after six months' bombardment (NW) vintage photoDouaumont village photographed from a French aeroplane (NW)
vintage photoCorpses of French grenade throwers who died during the initial attack (NW) vintage photoSearchlight crew that helped to shoot down a Zeppelin (NW)
vintage photoTaking captured ammunition to a place of safety (NW) vintage photoFrench soldiers bringing in their wounded Corporal (NW)
vintage photoThis pile of guns represented about 200 killed and wounded (NW) vintage photoRuined Cloth Hall at Ypres (NW)
vintage photoCloth Hall at Ypres before the war (NW) vintage photoCloth Hall at Ypres after the first bombardment, November 1914 (NW)
vintage photoThe shell that killed this German soldier also dug his grave (NW) vintage photoCloth Hall at Ypres after the second bombardment, 22 November 1914 (NW)
vintage photoFort on the Bosphorus near Constantinople (NW) vintage photoA ruined train (NW)
vintage photoTransporting wounded on the Italian mountain front (HW) vintage photoBritish telephone signallers (HW)
vintage photoCanadian troops going over the top (HW) vintage photoThe ruins of the market place in Ypres (HW)
vintage photoCanadian machine gunners on Vimy Ridge (HW) vintage photoSerbs defending the mountain passes to the Serb capital (HW)
vintage photoAerial photo of a French attack on the naval base at Trieste (HW) vintage photoCanadian narrow gauge railway ferrying ammunition at Verdun (HW)
vintage photoMotor transport used to carry supplies at Verdun (HW) vintage photoU.S. troops attacking a German trench position (HW)
vintage photoU.S. forces attacking at Cantigny on 28 May 1918 (HW) vintage photoGeneral Maude's entry into Baghdad on 11 March 1917 (HW)
vintage photoU.S. soldier examining a German machine gun at St. Mihiel (HW) vintage photoTemporary bridge built by the Germans using a British tank (HW)
vintage photoA combined tank and infantry attack at Bapaume (HW) vintage photoSoldiers billeted to a French house during wartime (HW)
vintage photoThe Salvation Army on the Western Front (HW) vintage photoThe Y.M.C.A. in the front line trenches (HW)
vintage photoU.S. troops following German forces through Thiaucourt in St Mihiel (HW) vintage photoBritish forces using Camels during the campaign to capture Jerusalem (HW)
vintage photoBulgarian forces holding thanksgiving mass to celebrate the armistice (HW) vintage photoItalian troops trekking the snow-fields of the Alps (HW)
vintage photoCanadians forces during the Cambrai drive (HW) vintage photoFrench and U.S. servicemen overlooking Chateau-Thierry (HW)
vintage photoBridge across the Meuse at Vise destroyed by the Belgians (GW) vintage photoGerman forces examining ruins of a Liege Fort (GW)
vintage photoDestroyed railway from Landen to St Choud to slow the German advance (GW) vintage photoBelgian residents of Vise under arrest by German forces (GW)

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A 'Wibble-Wobble' was slang for tanks.

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