Vintage Photographs - Machine Guns

Browning machine gun This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photography of machine guns deployed during wartime.

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vintage photoMachine gun post on the Marne front (CNP) vintage photoBrowning machine gun and rifle (CNP)
vintage photoMarines demonstrating the machine-gun carriage (CNP) vintage photoMachine gun in the commander's post of Zeppelin L-49 (CNP)
vintage photoMachine gun on a destroyer (CNP) vintage photoAeroplane machine gun, loaded by French pilot Vedrines (CPE)
vintage photoMachine gun crew (CPE) vintage photoEnglish soldiers with a machine gun (CPE)
vintage photoAn Allied machine-gun detachment near Monastir (CPE) vintage photoFrench machine gun and men (SR)
vintage photoGerman machine gun in an anti-aircraft position (SR) vintage photoBelgian machine guns drawn by dogs (WW)
vintage photoLewis machine gun ambush team in Mesopotamia (WW) vintage photoMachine gun outpost and barbed wire on the Upper Piave (WW)
vintage photoU.S. machine gun in action in France (WW) vintage photoLewis air-cooled machine gun (NW)
vintage photoDogs used to pull batteries of Belgian Lewis Guns (NW) vintage photoCaptured Russian machine guns exhibited in Berlin (NW)
vintage photoU.S. soldier examining a German machine gun at St. Mihiel (HW) vintage photoBritish seaplane armed with a machine gun (GW)
vintage photoBiplane with machine gun in its bow (GW) vintage photoAircraft fitted with quick-firing gun, manned by a marksman (GW)
vintage photoBelgian forces bringing up machine guns (GW) vintage photoGerman quick-firing, anti-aircraft gun at work (GW)
vintage photoMaxim Gun squad in action at Antwerp during the German bombardment (GW) vintage photoAbove-water armaments of British submarines: a quick-firing gun (GW)
vintage photoDeck of a German submarine after the quick-firing gun has lowered (GW) vintage photoA Maxim gun in action on the British Front in Flanders (GW)
vintage photoMachine-gun section of Zouaves (GW) vintage photoWrecked machine gun emplacement in a captured German trench (GW)
vintage photoBritish machine gun section wearing anti-gas masks (GW) vintage photoBelgian machine-gunners wearing gas respirators (GWS)
vintage photoFrench machine gun crew in a twig-lined trench (GWS) vintage photoA machine-gun used against German aviators in German S.W. Africa (GWS)
vintage photoFrench soldiers using a machine gun in a trench at Neuville St Vaast (GWS) vintage photoMachine gun section of the Alpini in action (GWS)
vintage photoGerman soldiers in Berlin examining a captured Russian machine gun (GWS) vintage photoFrench machine-gun crew's organised sports meeting (GWS)
vintage photoA Russian machine-gun in action in Poland (GWS) vintage photoA machine-gun in position in the Belgian second line (GWS)
vintage photoAllied forces working a machine gun in Gallipoli (GWS)  

The "Red Baron" was the allied nickname for German air ace Manfred von Richthofen, the leading ace of the war.

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