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Front view of a British tank This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of tanks.

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Tank's feats of climbing (CNP) Lengthwise view of a British tank (CNP)
Front view of a French tank (CNP) Lengthwise view of a French tank (CNP)
Tank advancing over a fallen tree (CNP) Front view of a British tank (CNP)
British tank on Fifth Avenue (CNP) British tank in action (MF)
Tank (MF) A British tank with catterpillar tracks (CPE)
British tank smashed up during German Spring 1918 advance (SR) British tank in action (WW)
French Mosquito tanks (WW) British tank in action moving through a shell-swept village (WW)
British troops and tanks in Flanders (WW) British infantry and a tank advance on Bapaume (WW)
French small tank (WW) German tank captured by the French (WW)
French Whippet tanks going into action at Cutry in July 1918 (WW) British tank (NW)
British tank (MF) British tank, 1918 (HW)
Early British tank, as used at Cambrai (HW) German tank, 1918 (HW)
French tank as used in Champagne, 1918 (HW) Temporary bridge built by the Germans using a British tank (HW)
A combined tank and infantry attack at Bapaume (HW)  

An Armlet was a cloth band worn around the arm to identify a particular duty or function.

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