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Russian soldiers abandoning their lines in Galicia This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains battleground photography.

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vintage photoUnion troops plodding through the desert in South-West Africa (GW) vintage photoGermans awaiting a Russian attack among marshes of East Prussia (GW)
vintage photoWith the Austrians in the Carpathians (GW) vintage photoTurkish port of Smyrna (GW)
vintage photoPontooning a Union engine over the Orange River at Upington (GW) vintage photoUnion troops entering German territory near Raman's Drift (GW)
vintage photoRuins of the village of Mezera (GW) vintage photoThe battlefield of St Eloi, March 1915 (GW)
vintage photoFall of Przemysl, March 1915: Russian supply columns in the town (GW) vintage photoAn Austrian outpost on the road to Lemberg (GW)
vintage photoChildren playing among the ruins of Mont St Eloi (GW) vintage photoInspection of Union Troops by General Botha (marked with an x) (GW)
vintage photoGeneral Botha arranging surrender of Windhuk with the Burgomaster (GW) vintage photoGeneral Kusmanek and Prince Charles Franz Joseph at Przemysl (GW)
vintage photoThe ruins of Langemarck following the Second Battle of Ypres (GW) vintage photoBelgian and British marksmen covering an enemy advanced post (GW)
vintage photoMounted infantry in action at Gallipoli (GW) vintage photoIn Gallipoli: an Australian giving a drink to a wounded Turk (GW)
vintage photoCharge of Italian Lancers through artillery lines (GW) vintage photoIndian troops bringing up fodder for mules in Gallipoli (GW)
vintage photoRussian troops passing through a Galician village (GW) vintage photoAn armoured motor bike on the Western Front (GW)
vintage photoYpres with the famed Cloth Hall in ruins (GW) vintage photoThe batteries of Sedd-el-Bahr following British bombardment (GW)
vintage photoGerman forces advancing against the King's (Liverpool) Regiment (GW) vintage photoHolding one of the fortified houses along the British Front (GW)
vintage photoA ruined house converted into a fortified post (GW) vintage photoView of V Beach at Gallipoli in Allied hands (GW)
vintage photoBritish marksman's position in the middle of a cornfield (GW) vintage photoBritish troops moving to their positions behind a firing-line (GW)
vintage photoA landing force leaving the transports for the Gallipoli shore (GW) vintage photoAdmiral Nicholson leaving Naval Observation Station in Gallipoli (GW)
vintage photoThe Germans entering Warsaw, 4 August 1915 (GW) vintage photoRoad bridge over the Vistula wrecked by retreating Russian forces (GW)
vintage photoRetreat of Russian troops defending Warsaw, August 1915 (GW) vintage photoFrench troops practicing an advance at Mudros (GW)
vintage photoDestruction of a Polish village (GW) vintage photoThe Fall of Kovno, 17 Aug 1915 (GW)
vintage photoGalician peasants returning to their homes following fighting (GW) vintage photoFrench anti-aircraft listening post (GW)
vintage photoGerman officers talk to peasants in the Galician countryside (GW) vintage photoPolish farmhouse destroyed by German shellfire, 1915 (GW)
vintage photoFrench soldiers hunting for German snipers in a farmhouse (GW) vintage photoA ruined street at Loos looking towards the 'Crystal Palace' (GW)
vintage photoBarricade captured from the Germans at Neuvill St. Vaast (GW) vintage photoFrench troops on guard along the German Frontier (GW)
vintage photoBritish reserves on the beach between Cape Suvla and Salt Lake (GW) vintage photoFrench artillery-fire on German trenches on the Braunkopf, Vosges (GW)
vintage photoFrench Colonel conferring Croix de Guerre on a soldier (GW) vintage photoAllied troops mustering after landing on the Suvla Bay beaches (GW)
vintage photoBritish infantry from Suvla Bay attacking the Anafarta Hills (GW) vintage photoBritish attack on the Hohenzollern Redoubt, 25 Sep 1915 (GW)
vintage photoQuarries near Hulluch in German control (GW) vintage photoShrapnel shell bursting near the Allied trenches on the Western Front (GW)
vintage photoStreet scene in Belgrade, October 1915 (GW) vintage photoLand-locked harbour of Cattaro as viewed from Mount Lovchen (GW)
vintage photoThe stricken battlefield on the road to Loos (GW) vintage photoKing Peter of Serbia on an ammunition wagon during the Great Retreat (GW)
vintage photoBritish guns in position in Mesopotamia (GW) vintage photoBritish troops cheering King George V's arrival at the Front (GW)
vintage photoChasseurs a Pied examining a captured German trench at Souchez (GW) vintage photo9th Corps removing wounded at Suvla Bay (GW)
vintage photoAnzac Cove, August 1915 (GW) vintage photoAustralian giving a drink of water to a Turkish woman above Anzac Cove (GW)
vintage photoView across the country towards Suvla Bay from the Anzac heights (GW) vintage photoView showing German forces in possession of Hulluch quarries (GW)
vintage photoWrecked village of Lizerne (GW) vintage photoWrecked village of Lizerne (GW)
vintage photoMine crater on the Western Front (GW) vintage photoHoisting of the Union Flag at Qurna (GW)
vintage photoKitchener returns to Anzac Cove beach after viewing firing line (GW) vintage photoView of Kut-el-Amara from the River Tigris (GW)
vintage photoThe devastated city of Van (GW) vintage photoFrench troops taking a rest in Champagne behind the firing line (GW)
vintage photoMontenegro's captured capital: general view of Cettinje (GW) vintage photoFrench troops entraining at Salonika (GW)
vintage photoAustralian soldiers visiting graves prior to evacuation of Gallipoli (GW) vintage photoRevolving steel gun-turret captured by the French in Champagne (GW)
vintage photoAllied troops guarding the road between Duala and Yaunde (GW) vintage photoAllied Nigerian troops in the Cameroons campaign, at Garua (GW)
vintage photoSaluting the Tricolour and Union Flag at Garua, 11 June 1915 (GW) vintage photoSaluting the Tricolour and Union Flag at Garua, 11 June 1915 (GW)
vintage photoNorthern Cameroon Railway reconstructed following German demolition (GW) vintage photoStores burning ashore at Suvla Bay following evacuation, 19 Dec 15 (GW)
vintage photoHeroes of Verdun paraded before General Gouraud (GW) vintage photoRuins of Douaumont, photographed between attacks of Feb-Mar 1916 (GW)
vintage photoVerdun city street ruined by German bombardment kept clear for troops (GW) vintage photoHuge shell reserve behind French lines at Verdun (GW)
vintage photoThe first - Russian - armoured car seen in Tehran (GW) vintage photoSalonika during the Allies' occupation: view along the Quay (GW)
vintage photoEffects of Russian artillery fire outside Turkish fort at Erzerum (GW) vintage photoRussian Cossacks on guard in Erzerum (GW)
vintage photoLast stage of the Russian advance on Erzerum: the final assault (GW) vintage photo4th Division of Chasseurs on the Kargabazar Plateau, Jan 1916 (GW)
vintage photoErzerum (GW) vintage photoThe defences of Scutari: the Citadel overlooking the lake (GW)
vintage photoThe road from Lovchen into King Nicholas's kingdom of Montenegro (GW) vintage photoCanadian infantry in a wood on the Western Front (GW)
vintage photoIrish troops preparing to attack on the Western Front (GW) vintage photoRuins of the Hotel de Ville in Arras (GW)

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