Vintage Photographs - Cathedrals and Churches

Interior of Notre Dame at Rheims This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of cathedrals and churches, usually under severely damaged conditions.

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vintage photoRuined church on the Noyon front (CNP) vintage photoRuins of a church at Maurepas (CNP)
vintage photoRuined church near Dixmude (CPE) vintage photoA French church field hospital (CPE)
vintage photoChurch of Sailly in November 1916 (CPE) vintage photoStatue of Joan of Arc before Rheims Cathedral (CNP)
vintage photoRuins of Cathedral at Arras (CNP) vintage photoShell bursting on the cathedral at Rheims (CNP)
vintage photoInterior of Notre Dame at Rheims (CNP) vintage photoGreat arches at Notre Dame, Rheims (CPE)
vintage photoCathedral of Notre Dame, after repeated bombardments (CPE) vintage photoService at Meaux to commemorate second anniversary of the Marne (CPE)
vintage photoAbbe Thuillies of Cambrai conducting service at Cambrai Cathedral (WW) vintage photoSaint-Nicholas church before and after the bombardment (SR)
vintage photoRefugees in a church in France (NW) vintage photoRuined Rheims cathedral as seen from one of its towers (NW)
vintage photoRheims cathedral before it was ruined by shellfire (NW) vintage photoResults of a shell at Malines cathedral (NW)
vintage photoGerman troops attend church in the garrison church at Przemysl (NW) vintage photoRuined church of St. Pierre, Louvain, from the rear (NW)
vintage photoSpecial service of intercession at St. Paul's Cathedral (NW) vintage photoRoketno church, near Warsaw, destroyed by artillery fire (NW)
vintage photoRheims cathedral (HW) vintage photoRuins of the church at Vise, destroyed by German shelling (GW)
vintage photoEffects of German shells in Malines Cathedral (GW) vintage photoIn Malines Cathedral after the German occupation (GW)
vintage photoDamage to Rheims Cathedral (GW) vintage photoThe famous bells of Rheims Cathedral (GW)
vintage photoAfter the German bombardment at Rheims Cathedral (GW) vintage photoInside Ypres Cathedral following a German bombardment (GW)
vintage photoGerman troops passing a church during the advance on Antwerp (GW) vintage photoSt Jean's Church, Dixmude, after bombardment (GW)
vintage photoRuined church of Mont Saint Eloi near Lens (GW) vintage photoPreparing for the evacuation of Warsaw: removing church bells (GW)
vintage photoInside the ruins of Arras Cathedral (GW) vintage photoSteeple of asylum chapel, Ypres, thrown down through the roof by a shell (GWS)
vintage photoThe tottering towers of the church at St Eloi (GWS) vintage photoDamage wrought upon the historical cathedral at Ypres (GWS)
vintage photoLutheran pastor preaching to German soldiers near Soissons (GWS) vintage photoFrench Roman Catholic service in northern France (GWS)
vintage photoIntercession day at St Paul's Cathedral, London, 25 July 1915 (GWS) vintage photoThe Bishop of London with wounded soldiers, 25 July 1915 (GWS)
vintage photoThe Rue St. Symphonei, Rheims, with ruined cathedral (GWS) vintage photoAn undamaged shrine at the church at Reninghe (GWS)

Battle Police were military policemen deployed behind an attack to intercept stragglers.

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