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Russian soldiers abandoning their lines in Galicia This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains battleground photography.

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vintage photoBritish troops charging through clouds created by smoke bombs (GW) vintage photoFrench infantry advancing in open order along exposed roadway (GW)
vintage photoVillage under Turkish control on the Tigris set on fire by British (GW) vintage photoA British officers' camp flooded out on the Tigris (GW)
vintage photoBritish reinforcements for the Tigris relief force (GW) vintage photoGeneral view of Kut-el-Amara from the River Tigris (GW)
vintage photoBritish marines building entanglements outside Antwerp (FF) vintage photoBelgian army retreating through Lokoren, 1914 (FF)
vintage photoRearguard of the retreating Antwerp garrison, 1914 (FF) vintage photoThe bombardment of Antwerp (FF)
vintage photoGerman soldier killed at the battle of Alost (FF) vintage photoEditor of the Chicago Tribune filming at the battle of Waelhem (FF)
vintage photoA Belgian village in flames, 1914 (FF) vintage photoEffect of a Zeppelin bomb dropped in Antwerp, 1914 (FF)
vintage photoEffect of a Zeppelin bomb on a hospital in Antwerp, 1914 (FF) vintage photoAcres of barbed wire entanglements encircling Antwerp (FF)
vintage photoThe Belgian army retreating through Antwerp (FF) vintage photoHalf of the Marche aux Souliers was destroyed by fire from bombardment (FF)
vintage photoThe ruins of Aerschot (FF) vintage photoTermonde, destroyed by German fire post evacuation (FF)
vintage photoA Belgian field kitchen (FF) vintage photoBelgian armoured motor car (FF)
vintage photoDestruction at Louvain, 1914 (FF) vintage photoGerman army at a crossroads on the Franco-Belgian frontier (FF)
vintage photoAn armoured train in action near Boom with a 4.7 naval gun (FF) vintage photoSteel bridge at Termonde detonated by the Belgians, 1914 (FF)
vintage photoA bridge at Termonde destroyed by shellfire (FF) vintage photoA bridge of boats across the Aisne (GWS)
vintage photoFrench troops mending clothes and shoes between fighting (GWS) vintage photoA street in battle-scarred Carency (GWS)
vintage photoOn the roof of a British officers' bomb-proof shelter (GWS) vintage photoThe scene of fierce fighting near Arras (GWS)
vintage photoIndian soldiers in a native mule waggon in a French village (GWS) vintage photoGeneral Joffre presenting decorations after the Battle of Arras (GWS)
vintage photoWounded British soldiers receiving tea at a French railway station (GWS) vintage photoBritish officials in Asia Minor enjoying a rest in the desert (GWS)
vintage photoA French burial party on the Western Front (GWS) vintage photoEffects of a German shell dropping next to a British transport waggon (GWS)
vintage photoA section of German barbed wire rushed by the British (GWS) vintage photoFrench staff-officers observing a mine explosion under a German trench (GWS)
vintage photoGerman shell bursting over Ypres (GWS) vintage photoA street in shell-shattered Arras (GWS)
vintage photoView of the Shat-el-Arab near Basra (GWS) vintage photoBritish position in Mesopotamia with the Euphrates over its banks (GWS)
vintage photoKurna following its capture by British forces (GWS) vintage photoIndian cavalry advancing under difficulties near Basra (GWS)
vintage photoBritish army officers in front of their billets at Ypres (GWS) vintage photoDorsets advancing near Basra through mostly flooded roads (GWS)
vintage photoIndian cavalry on the march on the flooded Shaiba road (GWS) vintage photoBritish/Belgian forces fighting together during the Antwerp retreat (GWS)
vintage photoGeneral Botha's column awaiting orders to enter Windhoek (GWS) vintage photoA German barricade captured by the French at Neuville St Vaast (GWS)
vintage photoAbandoned barricades at entrance to war-torn French village (GWS) vintage photoA by-way amid the ruins at Mont St Eloi (GWS)
vintage photoInterior of the library at Ypres following German bombardment (GWS) vintage photoMotor-mounted searchlight/heliograph used by Botha's campaign (GWS)
vintage photoArmoured cars at Windhoek (GWS) vintage photoGerman forces in Windhoek in German S.W. Africa (GWS)
vintage photoRough and ready Allied troop train in German S.W. Africa (GWS) vintage photoThe captured German port of Swakopmund in German S.W. Africa (GWS)
vintage photoFrench soldiers holding a German grenade (GWS) vintage photoItalian artillery in action on the Austro-Italian border (GWS)
vintage photoA field kitchen presented by the city of Manchester to the Belgian army (GWS) vintage photoFrench soldiers laying a mine (GWS)
vintage photoOfficer of French 4th Army Corps receiving a British decoration (GWS) vintage photoFrench outpost on alert behind a barricade in Alsace-Lorraine (GWS)
vintage photoBritish soldiers after fighting at Festubert (GWS) vintage photoFrench colonial troops building a bomb-proof shelter (GWS)
vintage photoItalian troops advancing to attack Monte Nero (GWS) vintage photoBelgian priest conducting soldiers to an ambulance at Ypres (GWS)
vintage photoItalian artillery column taking a brief rest on the battlefront (GWS) vintage photoItalian cavalry making a halt for refreshment (GWS)
vintage photoItalian infantry firing through the mist on the mountainside (GWS) vintage photoA detachment of Alpini entrenched behind snow barricade in Julian Alps (GWS)
vintage photoAlpini on march through Austro-Italian border mountain pass (GWS) vintage photoR.A.M.C. stretcher party carrying wounded in Gallipoli (GWS)
vintage photoGerman trenches on the Braunkopf Hill, Alsace, under fire (GWS) vintage photoView from outside Cairo railway station (GWS)
vintage photoWounded Allied soldiers waiting at Cairo's railway station (GWS) vintage photoWounded Allied soldiers from Gallipoli attending Church at Cairo (GWS)
vintage photoThe Braunkopf, Alsace, stormed and taken by the French, 20 June 1915 (GWS) vintage photoGerman trenches on Braunkopf Hill, Alsace, bombarded by French (GWS)
vintage photoFrench gunners firing a German machine gun from a captured trench (GWS) vintage photoPriest blessing the graves of fallen soldiers in the Woevre (GWS)
vintage photoJoseph Joffre addressing troops in Alsace (GWS) vintage photoGerman trench shattered by tornado of British shells (GWS)
vintage photoOfficial French war artist M. Jonas in action in Flanders (GWS) vintage photoBattleground photo taken after a charge by French infantry (GWS)
vintage photoBritish piano convert delivered amidst the rain (GWS) vintage photoBritish troops listening to a concert given in 1915 (GWS)
vintage photoBritish soldiers packed up for home at St Omer (GWS) vintage photoBritish soldiers stcking barbed wire for the Front (GWS)
vintage photoBritish Royal Engineers hauling ammunitions waggons (GWS) vintage photoLutheran pastor preaching to German soldiers near Soissons (GWS)
vintage photoFrench Roman Catholic service in northern France (GWS) vintage photoShattered German trench at Hill 125, among the ruins of Carency (GWS)
vintage photoView from a street in bombarded Carency (GWS) vintage photoBombarded town of Carency (GWS)
vintage photoFrench Alpine infantry holding the cemetery at Souchez (GWS) vintage photoFrench railway engineers at work in the Argonne (GWS)

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A 'Tracer' was a phosphorescent machine-gun bullet which glowed in flight, indicating course as an aid to artillery.

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