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Releasing a carrier pigeon This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of animals either on or in relation to the battlefront.

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Releasing a carrier pigeon (CNP)Releasing a carrier pigeon (CNP) photoAmerican mule team in France (CNP)
photoBelgian machine guns drawn by dogs (WW) photoBritish naval pilot releasing a carrier pigeon (WW)
photoBritish driver and horse wearing gas masks (WW) photoDogs in the trenches (WW)
photoMembers of U.S. field artillery grooming their horses (WW) photoA British cavalryman waits under shell fire to advance (WW)
photoDogs used instead of horses by Belgian refugees (NW) photoDogs used to pull batteries of Belgian Lewis Guns (NW)
photoFrench transports and cavalry horses after arrival at Salonika (NW) photoCattle being driven to the Russian army while in Galicia (NW)
photoRomanian cavalry (NW) photoOxen on muddy Serbian roads (NW)
photoBritish cavalry (MF) photoAmerican officers attaching a message to a carrier pigeon (HW)
photoThe French Army's carrier-pigeon service on the Western Front (GW) photoGerman South-West Africa Camel Corps on the March (GW)
photoThe Canadians' Pet: a snapshot taken at camp in Salisbury (GW) photoAustralian forces and their pets in Egypt (GW)
photoFemale horse-breaker working for the Army Remount Department (GW) photoBritish troops driving in a flock of sheep in the Dardanelles (GW)
photoBritish farmer sowing while a woman works the team (GW) photoAn Indian mountain battery (GW)
photoFrench engineers conducting a cavalry regiment across river in N. France (GWS) photoParade of the Imperial Light Horse (GWS)
photoItalian cavalry on the move (GWS) photoFrench engineers conveying war horses across a river in France (GWS)
photoFrench engineers conveying war horses across a river in France (GWS) photoHorses swimming across a stream guided by soldiers on a raft (GWS)
photoA company of French African cavalry watering their horses at a stream (GWS) photoRussian horse artillery crossing a stream on the Polish front (GWS)
photoA British war dog used for trench sentry work in Flanders (GWS) photoA horse dentist at work in France (GWS)
photoFrench avalry at work in the Champagne district (GWS) photoCamels from Egypt en route to Gallipoli (GWS)
photoTrain of donkeys laden with water supplies on a Gallipoli beach (GWS)  

An Armlet was a cloth band worn around the arm to identify a particular duty or function.

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