Vintage Photographs - Camp Life and Training

Typical U.S. National Army cantonment when nearly completed This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of life at camp and training exercises.

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vintage photoTypical U.S. National Army cantonment when nearly completed (CNP) vintage photoPhysical training for the naval recruits at Norfolk, Va. (CNP)
vintage photoDental ambulance (CNP) vintage photoObservation post at Camp Lewis (CNP)
vintage photoRelny Race at the Presidio, San Fancisco, Calif. (CNP) vintage photoCamp Custer cantonment at Battle Creek, Mich. (CNP)
vintage photoTraining camp for American aviators in France (CNP) vintage photoU.S. marines constructing a trench at Quantico (CNP)
vintage photoU.S. telephone squad at Camp Devens (CNP) vintage photoWay to lift a wounded man (CNP)
vintage photoTraining in horsemanship at Fort Ethan Allan, Vermont (CNP) vintage photoCalifornian guardsmen unloading at Camp Mills (CNP)
vintage photoBarracks at Camp Upton, Yaphank, Long Island, N.Y. (CNP) vintage photoTrenches at League Island, Philadelphia (CNP)
vintage photoPanorama of Camp Taylor, near Louisville, Ky. (CNP) vintage photoPhysical training at one of the great U.S. National Army cantonments (CNP)
vintage photoSoldiers at the National Army at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va. (CNP) vintage photoBanner of the Rainbow Division (CNP)
vintage photoAmerican base hospital at Fordham, N.Y. (CNP) vintage photoSpreading balloon canvas at Fort Omaha, Nebraska (CNP)
vintage photoService flag (CNP) vintage photoCaptain's inspection at Newport, R.I. (CNP)
vintage photoGunners at Fort Sheridan, Illinois (CNP) vintage photoArtillery at the Officers' Training Camp, Plattsburg, N.Y. (CNP)
vintage photoNational guardsmen at Camp Kearney, Linda Vista, Cal. (CNP) vintage photoNational Army men at Camp Upton off for a hike (CNP)
vintage photoSport at Fort Oglethorpe (CNP) vintage photoNational Army men assembling at Camp Funston (CNP)
vintage photoU.S. engineers in training near Washington, D.C. (CNP) vintage photoRainbow Division on parade at Camp Mills, Mineola (CNP)
vintage photoBomb practice at Spartanburg, S.C. (CNP) vintage photoLunch in the trenches at Fort Oglethorpe (CNP)
vintage photoMotorcycle men at Camp Upton (CNP) vintage photoGame of baseball at Camp Travis, San Antonio, Tex. (CNP)
vintage photoKnights of Columbus Hall at a National Army cantonment (CNP) vintage photoY.M.C.A. building of the National Army at Camp Dix (CNP)
vintage photoJewish welfare building at Camp Dix (CNP) vintage photoDrilling with hydrogen trucks at the U.S. Balloon School, Fort Omaha (CNP)
vintage photoMounted Service School, Fort Riley, Kansas (CNP) vintage photoSoldiers, tents and kits ready for camp inspection (CNP)
vintage photoAmerican soldiers scaling a wall (CNP) vintage photoSoldiers at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. (CNP)
vintage photoClass in grenade throwing at an American camp (CNP) vintage photoU.S. instructor showing how a grenade is thrown (CNP)
vintage photoAmerican soldiers returning to camp (CNP) vintage photoA Franco-Serbian camp (SR)
vintage photoFormer Texas cattlemem now enlisted with the National Army (WW) vintage photoSoldiers of 56th U.S. Infantry cleaning their clothes at Camp McArthur (WW)
vintage photoTwo men at Princeton Officers' Camp using Canadian equipment (WW) vintage photoFormer boxing champing Willie Ritchie training at Camp Lewis (WW)
vintage photoMembers of U.S. Signal Corps on an armoured vehicle (WW) vintage photo'Blue Devils' of France reviewing cadets at West Point (WW)
vintage photoU.S. Signal Corps men in training (WW) vintage photoU.S. Army wireless operators in San Antonio, Texas (WW)
vintage photoBarbed wire entanglements at Camp Dix, N.J. (WW) vintage photoU.S. soldiers learning to dig in while under fire (WW)
vintage photoTraining in the use of hand grenades (WW) vintage photoU.S. camouflage squad in training (WW)
vintage photoBritish volunteers arriving at Aldershot for training (NW) vintage photoBoot inspection at Aldershot training camp (NW)
vintage photoSignal training at Aldershot camp (NW) vintage photoBritish recruits on skirmish work (NW)
vintage photoTeaching British recruits to use the bayonet (NW) vintage photoExamining the recruits' equipment (NW)
vintage photoBritish recruits getting their first instruction in rifle sighting (NW) vintage photoExplaining the rifle to British recruits (NW)
vintage photoMaking British recruits physically fit (NW) vintage photoBritish rookies' first taste of wartime training (NW)
vintage photoCanadians crossing a newly constructed pontoon bridge at training camp (NW) vintage photoAnnanite troops on their way to Camp Gallieni, near Versailles (NW)
vintage photoFrench troops practicing with rifles (NW) vintage photoTraining Kitchener's 'mob' to rush the Germans (NW)
vintage photoU.S. solders undergoing an inspection (HW) vintage photoNew Zealand troops at Chelsea barracks, 7 Nov 1914 (GW)
vintage photoCanadian forces in Britain preparing for dinner (GW) vintage photoCanadian Highlanders in camp (GW)
vintage photo10th Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers marching in Pirbright (GW) vintage photoFiring exercises at Winton, Bournemouth (GW)
vintage photoBritish Officers instructing recruits in bridge-building (GW) vintage photoDrilling recruits on the sands at Llandudno (GW)
vintage photoAn inspection of Australasian troops by Sir George Reid in Egypt (GW) vintage photoAustralian troops amongst the monuments of ancient Egypt (GW)
vintage photoNew Zealand troops undergoing training (GW) vintage photoAustrian recruits at the Vienna Military Academy receive benediction (GW)
vintage photoAustralians in Egypt finish their training (GW) vintage photoKing George V reviewing 1st Canadian Division on Salisbury Plain (GW)
vintage photoLord Kitchener inspecting artillery in Chelmsford (GW) vintage photoKhaki-clad troops of Belgium's new army in training (GW)
vintage photoBritish Queen reviewing Irish Cavalry at Aldershot (GW) vintage photoGerman schoolboys, the 'Boy Recruits', arriving at Doberitz for training (GWS)
vintage photoFrench infantry practising an advance at Mudros (GWS)  

The USA suffered 57,476 fatal army casualties during the war.

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