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British soldiers helping an ambulance through the mud This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photography of medical and nursing personnel and facilities.

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vintage photoAmerican ambulance workers off duty (CNP) vintage photoBritish soldiers helping an ambulance through the mud (MF)
vintage photoFrench ambulance men eating, 1915 (MF) vintage photoA thriving war industry: production of artificial arms and legs (CPE)
vintage photoSoldiers who died from typhus (CPE) vintage photoGerman first aid post in Poland (CPE)
vintage photoTurkish military hospital in Jerusalem (CPE) vintage photoTurkish red-crescent camp in the desert (CPE)
vintage photoConveying wounded in the Vosges, with surgeon in the rear seat (CPE) vintage photoFirst aid to Russian wounded in the Carpathian drive (CPE)
vintage photoA French church field hospital (CPE) vintage photoThe Red Cross on duty in the trenches (CNP)
vintage photoCanadian Red Cross tent on the Western Front (CNP) vintage photoCanadian photo of German POW's used as stretcher bearers (SR)
vintage photoBritish using double litter to carry wounded in the Balkans (WW) vintage photoThe American Red Cross in the Balkans (WW)
vintage photoNurse Edith Cavell (WW) vintage photoItalian First Aid station between the Brenta and Piave (WW)
vintage photoAmerican hospital train in France (WW) vintage photoTwo U.S. servicemen convalescing in a London hospital (WW)
vintage photoU.S. hospital car (WW) vintage photoU.S. Privates Smith and Hopkins and two decorated Red Cross nurses (WW)
vintage photoU.S. officers convalescing at an estate in Lingfield Surrey (WW) vintage photoFuneral of a British Red Cross nurse (WW)
vintage photoWounded U.S. soldiers recuperating in England (WW) vintage photoBritish stretcher bearers (WW)
vintage photoConvalescing U.S. soldiers at Red Cross Hospital No. 21 (WW) vintage photoWounded German soldiers receiving treatment from British doctors (WW)
vintage photoBritish wounded at a Flanders clearing station (WW) vintage photoSlightly wounded sailors being lifted to a first aid station (WW)
vintage photoWounded German soldier attended by a Canadian medical orderly (WW) vintage photoBritish convalescents amuse themselves (NW)
vintage photoWounded soldiers in the U.S. hospital at Paignton, England (NW) vintage photoAmbulance wagon passing through the great gully at Helles (NW)
vintage photoA Red Cross depot in ruins (NW) vintage photoA laden ambulance passing through Verdun en route to base hospital (NW)
vintage photoStretcher bearers bringing in the wounded (HW) vintage photoNurse Edith Cavell (HW)
vintage photoThe Red Cross bringing in wounded soldiers from the Front (HW) vintage photoThe Duchess of Westminster with the Red Cross at Le Touquet (HW)
vintage photoA wounded Indian's return to the battlefront (HW) vintage photoRed Cross bringing in the wounded to a Flanders base hospital (HW)
vintage photoA Red Cross convoy escorted by Cossacks (HW) vintage photoA Red Cross tour in Flanders (HW)
vintage photoBritish Red Cross nurses arriving at Dieppe (HW) vintage photoWith the Royal Army Medical Corps: one of the Red Cross wagons (HW)
vintage photoBritish Surgeon-General Sir A. T. Sloggett (HW) vintage photoImperial Nurses with the Russian Red Cross, with the Tsarina (right) (HW)
vintage photoThe ladder of good progress: handling casualties (HW) vintage photoRed Cross in the Carpathians: Russian sleigh ambulances (HW)
vintage photoPlaying in casualties from the firing line to the doctor (HW) vintage photoRussian Red Corss nurse visiting a graveside in Poland (HW)
vintage photoWomen's Reserve Ambulance Corps bringing morning milk supplies (HW) vintage photoGerman Red Cross man wearing a gas mask with oxygen apparatus (GW)
vintage photoFirst Aid in the French front lines (GW) vintage photoBritish Red Cross nurse talking to director of Serbian Reserve Hospital (GW)
vintage photoEdith Cavell (GW) vintage photoThe Dome of the Royal Pavilion at Brighton converted into a hospital (GW)
vintage photoEdith Cavell (GW) vintage photoFrench Red Cross doctor helping wounded from trench at Moncel (GWS)
vintage photoAmbulances waiting to ferry the wounded behind the lines at Ypres (GWS) vintage photoTwo Belgian Red Cross doctors working lying down (GWS)
vintage photoFrench ambulance work on the Western Front (GWS) vintage photoBullet-proof ambulance used for British rescue work (GWS)
vintage photoBullet-proof ambulance used for British rescue work (GWS) vintage photoRed Cross workers in Alsace-Lorraine (GWS)
vintage photoA Russian military train (GWS) vintage photoBritish Surgeon-General Sir Arthur Sloggett (GWS)
vintage photoWard at the Japanese Hospital in Paris (GWS) vintage photoConvalescent patients at the Japanese Hospital,  in Paris (GWS)
vintage photoPresentation of medals to wounded at Hotel des Invalides, Paris (GWS) vintage photoFirst-aid worker who suffered from poison gas exposure at Ypres (GWS)
vintage photoA hospital in Moscow, with an operatic singer entertaining the wounded (GWS) vintage photoBritish ambulances outside the Hotel des Invalides, Paris (GWS)
vintage photoInterior of a German hospital with a conjurer amusing the wounded (GWS) vintage photoWounded soldiers fishing in the lake at Blenheim Palace (GWS)
vintage photoWounded soldiers convalescing at Blenheim Palace (GWS) vintage photoStretcher bearers carrying a wounded soldier in Belgrade (GWS)
vintage photoGifts from Queen Mary to the wounded at Claridge's Hospital, Paris (GWS) vintage photoSir John French's sister, Mrs Harley, as a hospital nurse in France (GWS)
vintage photoView of an army operating theatre in France (GWS) vintage photoAbbaye de Royaumont, Oise, used as an army hospital (GWS)
vintage photoFemale chauffeurs on Red Cross service in France (GWS) vintage photoQueen Elana arriving at France with the Rome Red Cross (GWS)
vintage photoDinner being prepared in a hospital kitchen in France (GWS) vintage photoElectrical apparatus in use at a German military hospital (GWS)
vintage photoA wounded Gallipoli officer at the Anglo-American hospital base, Cairo (GWS) vintage photoScene at Lunar Park Hospital, Cairo (GWS)
vintage photoScene in a German hospital gymnasium by means of electricity (GWS) vintage photoGerman officers under special medical electrical treatment (GWS)
vintage photoR.A.M.C. stretcher party carrying wounded in Gallipoli (GWS) vintage photoPrincess Henry of Pless as a German nurse near Berlin (GWS)
vintage photoArchduchess Zita of Austria chatting with Austrian wounded (GWS) vintage photoGerman soldiers being innoculated against Cholera (GWS)
vintage photoSquad of German Red Cross men leaving Berlin (GWS) vintage photoWounded French soldiers arriving at a field hospital (GWS)
vintage photoRed Cross waggons on the edge of Salt Lake, Gallipoli (GWS) vintage photoWounded soldiers being conveyed to Dardanelles hospital ships (GWS)

'Bantam' was a term to describe members of battalions between 5ft 1in and 5ft 4in.

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