Vintage Photographs - Poison Gas and Flamethrowers

Gas attack seen from an aeroplane This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photography of poison gas and flamethrower attacks.

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vintage photoA cloud of liquid fire, as used on the battlefront (CPE) vintage photoGas attack seen from an aeroplane (CNP)
vintage photoLiquid fire apparatus (CNP) vintage photoAmerican soldier wearing his gas mask (CNP)
vintage photoLiquid fire attack at night (CNP) vintage photoBursting of a gas bomb at Hartmannsweilerkopf, Alsace (CNP)
vintage photoGerman soldiers fleeing from a cloud of their own gas (CNP) vintage photoNew French gas masks tested by a volunteer squad (CPE)
vintage photoEffects of gases used in war (CPE) vintage photoAmericans in France being taught use of liquid fire (CPE)
vintage photo102nd U.S. Engineers putting on gas masks after gas shell explosion (CPE) vintage photoU.S. Marines wearing gas masks in France (WW)
vintage photoGas attack gong being sounded (WW) vintage photoU.S. troops displaying captured German hats, guns and gas masks (WW)
vintage photoBritish driver and horse wearing gas masks (WW) vintage photoLiquid fire demonstration by the British for Queen Mary (WW)
vintage photoFrench gas attack upon German lines (WW) vintage photoFrench soldier wearing a respirator (NW)
vintage photoGerman flamethrowers (NW) vintage photoSoldiers digging trenches while protected against gas attacks (NW)
vintage photoAerial photo of a German gas attack on the Eastern Front (HW) vintage photoAn Austrian attack using flamethrowers (GW)
vintage photoBelgian troops protected against gas attacks (GW) vintage photoA Highlander and his gas mask (GW)
vintage photoBritish machine gun section wearing anti-gas masks (GW) vintage photoGerman flamethrower as used at Hooge, 30 July 1915 (GW)
vintage photoFrench soldiers wearing gas masks on the Western Front (GW) vintage photoGerman Red Cross man wearing a gas mask with oxygen apparatus (GW)
vintage photoView of a gas attack on German trenches on the Eastern Front (GW) vintage photoBritish respirator parade and inspection (GWS)
vintage photoBelgian machine-gunners wearing gas respirators (GWS) vintage photo1915 German photo of protective mask against British gas attacks (GWS)
vintage photoFrench soldiers wearing gas mask protection (GWS) vintage photoGerman gas bombs bursting (GWS)
vintage photoGerman troops firing through a cloud of gas (GWS) vintage photoRussian soldiers tortured by poison gas at a Russian field hospital (GWS)
vintage photoRussian nurses offering drinks to poison gas victims (GWS) vintage photoFrench artillerymen wearing gas masks (GWS)
vintage photoFrench soldiers operating a capture German flamethrower (GWS) vintage photoFrench soldiers operating a capture German flamethrower (GWS)
vintage photoFrench anti-gas masks (GWS) vintage photoFrench soldiers wearing anti-gas masks awaiting an attack (GWS)
vintage photoA Highlander wearing a gas mask (GWS) vintage photoRescue-brigade man at Woolwich Arsenal replete with gas mask (GWS)
vintage photoAnti-poison gas mask (GWS) vintage photoArmy man examining a man on his return from a test poison gas chamber (GWS)
vintage photoFrench school of experimental anti-gas warfare (GWS)  

'Push' was slang signifying a large-scale attack upon enemy positions.

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