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Russian soldiers abandoning their lines in Galicia This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains battleground photography.

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vintage photoBritish troops marching through Baghdad (WW) vintage photoTurkish observation nest (WW)
vintage photoStone bridge at Liege destroyed; new pontoon bridge in distance (NW) vintage photoIndian troops laying telephone wires over desert in Mesopotamia (WW)
vintage photoBritish troopers marching on the sands of Mesopotamia (WW) vintage photoPontoon bridge across the Diala River built by British Engineers (WW)
vintage photoBridge destroyed by the Russian Army at Przemysl (NW) vintage photoBritish heliograph post at Kara Tepe in Mesopotamia (WW)
vintage photoBritish armoured car ploughing through Diala River in Mesopotamia (WW) vintage photoArmenians in the defence of city of Van (WW)
vintage photoArmenians holding a strongpoint at Van (WW) vintage photoCorpses found by Serbian troops on entering Kumanovo (WW)
vintage photoAviator's photo of St Quentin in German hands in 1918 (WW) vintage photoAerial view of Fort Troyon (WW)
vintage photoAerial view of Rheims in flames (WW) vintage photoItalian aerial trolley swung across opposite high peaks (WW)
vintage photoItalian aerial ferry transports food and wine (WW) vintage photoWrecked village on the Salonika Front (WW)
vintage photoBuilding roads of approach to Mt. Tonale Pass (WW) vintage photoA Przemysl fort after bombardment by Krupp howitzers (NW)
vintage photoMountain front where Italy fought Austria-Hungary (WW) vintage photoInhabitants of Przemysl compelled to use boats over the San (WW)
vintage photoRussian infantry in flight (WW) vintage photoA German masked battery (NW)
vintage photoGerman troops driving through Galicia (WW) vintage photoRussians blow up village in Galicia (WW)
vintage photoBlowing up a bridge in Galicia during the Russian retreat (WW) vintage photoA camouflaged road in France, prepared by U.S. 42nd Division (WW)
vintage photoHuts of U.S. Marines in training behind the lines in France (WW) vintage photoArtillery barrage provides cover for French grenade attack (WW)
vintage photoU.S. troops encamped on the Aisne (WW) vintage photoBritish and French infantry in open fighting in Picardy (WW)
vintage photoGerman ammunition dump destroyed by retreating German forces (WW) vintage photoAmericans charging through barbed wire entanglements (WW)
vintage photoU.S. troops working through German barbed wire (WW) vintage photoShopkeeper waiting for customers in a shell-shattered shop (WW)
vintage photoWrecked German observation post after the Battle of Messines (WW) vintage photoBritish wounded passing French line during German 1918 drive (WW)
vintage photoFrench drive back German raiders with grenades (WW) vintage photoFrench cantonment in the Oise District (WW)
vintage photoMember of U.S. Field Battalion carrying a Frenchwoman into a cellar (WW) vintage photoGerman ammunition wagons destroyed by British gunnery (WW)
vintage photoU.S. liberation of Chateau-Thierry (WW) vintage photoA British cavalryman waits under shell fire to advance (WW)
vintage photoFrench soldiers in the Vosges mountains hurling stones at the Germans (WW) vintage photoFrench camouflage road erected on the Marne (WW)
vintage photoBuilding a temporary bridge while pursuing German forces in Picardy (WW) vintage photoMaking a charge on the Chemin des Dames (WW)
vintage photoExplosion of ammunition stored in a French house (WW) vintage photoGerman redoubt 30 feet underground exploded by the Canadians (WW)
vintage photoBritish ammunition dump in a village exploded by the Germans (WW) vintage photo52 and a half tons of German shells detonated by the Allies (WW)
vintage photoFrench troops storming Monkey Mountain north of the Aisne (WW) vintage photoBritish troops going up the French line along a shell-swept road (WW)
vintage photoGerman soldier killed during the Allied drive in 1918 (WW) vintage photoBringing in the wounded via a light railway on the Western Front (WW)
vintage photoGerman-made trenches occupied by French forces (WW) vintage photoGerman concrete gun pits captured by Canadian forces (WW)
vintage photoGerman concrete gun pits captured by Canadian forces (WW) vintage photoBritish soldiers at home in captured German dugouts (WW)
vintage photoA German headquarters (WW) vintage photoCivilians preparing to leave Warsaw as the Germans approach (NW)
vintage photoBelgian infantry defending Antwerp from German siege (NW) vintage photoLooking down on Namur from the fortifications (NW)
vintage photoFrench infantry awaiting the order to advance (NW) vintage photoBridge at Amiens repaired by the Germans (NW)
vintage photoGerman scouts keeping watch in Flanders (NW) vintage photoBritish cavalry in Peronne (WW)
vintage photoThe Marne in 1918 (WW) vintage photoAn Allied raft on the Yser river used to reconnaissance enemy lines (WW)
vintage photoThe Cantigny battlefield (WW) vintage photoU.S. soldiers on a hill in Lorraine (WW)
vintage photoU.S. soldiers going into combat toward the Rhine in an Alsace wood (WW) vintage photoLouvain laid waste (NW)
vintage photoThe ancient city of Louvain, wrecked by war (NW) vintage photoBridge at Termonde blown up to halt the German advance (NW)
vintage photoU.S. Signal Corps running a telephone cable through a French town (WW) vintage photoFrench soldiers replanting a ruined orchard (WW)
vintage photoU.S. soldiers embarking on reconstruction work in Montdidier (WW) vintage photoCanadian engineers rebuilding a detonated bridge (WW)
vintage photoDefending the Belgian swamps (NW) vintage photoBritish ammunition train halting for lunch (NW)
vintage photoGerman officers lunching in Liege following its fall (NW) vintage photoHouse in Antwerp smashed by a German shell (NW)
vintage photoBridge over the Scheldt over which thousands escaped from Antwerp (NW) vintage photoPanic-stricken mobs escaping from Antwerp (NW)
vintage photoBelgian infantry defending a village near Liege (NW) vintage photoA ruined Liege fort (NW)
vintage photoBelgian hospital wrecked by shellfire (NW) vintage photoHole torn in a pavement in Antwerp by a German shell (NW)
vintage photoHungry women and children waiting in a bread line in Malines (NW) vintage photoCrater of a Zeppelin bomb in Paris (NW)
vintage photoShooting grenades from a gas pipe (NW) vintage photoBehind the French lines in the Vosges (NW)
vintage photoTrench adaptation of the old crossbow (NW) vintage photoGraves marked with bottles (NW)
vintage photoBritish troops landing at the Dardanelles (NW) vintage photoA short rest at Suvla Bay (NW)
vintage photoAnzac troops charge a Turkish trench near Gallipoli (NW) vintage photoStores at the Lancashire landing, near Sedd-el-Bahr (NW)

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'White Star' was a German mixture of chlorine and phosgene gas, so-named on account of the identification marking painted on the delivery shell casing.

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