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French Army Commander-in-Chief Joseph Joffre This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photography of armed services' commanders.

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vintage photoArchduke Carlo in Gorizia, 29 Oct 1917 (GW) vintage photoDuke of Aosta (GW)
vintage photoGeneral Capello (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-General Sir H. C. Sclater, British Adjutant-General (GW)
vintage photoMajor-General Sir J. S. Cowans, British Quartermaster-General (GW) vintage photoSir John French (GW)
vintage photoMajor-General Sir S. B. von Donop, Master General of the Ordnance (GW) vintage photoSir C. W. H. Douglas, Chief of the Imperial General Staff (GW)
vintage photoSir J. Wolfe Murray, Chief of the British Imperial General Staff (GW) vintage photoBrigadier-General C. M. Dobell (GW)
vintage photoSir F. C. Doveton Sturdee (GW) vintage photoGeneral Alexei Brusilov (GW)
vintage photoBrigadier-General J. E. B. Seely, D.S.O., M.P. (GW) vintage photoAdmiral of the Fleet Lord Fisher (GW)
vintage photoVice-Admiral Sir Frederick T Hamilton, British Second Sea Lord (GW) vintage photoRear-Admiral Frederick C. T. Tudor, Third Sea Lord (GW)
vintage photoCaptain A. Noel Loxley, commander of H.M.S. Formidable (GW) vintage photoPrince Louis of Battenberg (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant von Weddigen (GW) vintage photoPaul von Hindenburg (GW)
vintage photoGeneral Dankl (GW) vintage photoBrigadier-General J. E. Gough, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoSir John French (GW) vintage photoBritish troops marching past Sir John French and Staff (GW)
vintage photoLouis Botha (GW) vintage photoCrown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria (GW)
vintage photoAdmiral von Tirpitz (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel F. D. Farquhar, D.S.O. (GW)
vintage photoVice-Admiral S. H. Carden (GW) vintage photoAdmiral von Pohl (GW)
vintage photoRear-Admiral J. M. de Robeck (GW) vintage photoGeneral Botha arranging surrender of Windhuk with the Burgomaster (GW)
vintage photoGeneral Kusmanek and Prince Charles Franz Joseph at Przemysl (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-General Sir William Birdwood (GW)
vintage photoMajor Sinclair Maclagan, D.S.O. (GW) vintage photoBrigadier-General M. I. Tighe, D.S.O. (GW)
vintage photoJoseph Joffre (GW) vintage photoLieutenant Jantjie Botha, son of Louis Botha (GW)
vintage photoSir John Nixon (GW) vintage photoColonel Sir George Farrar, D.S.O. (GW)
vintage photoGeneral Maunoury, seriously wounded (GW) vintage photoGeneral Radko Dimitrieff (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel Franke (GW) vintage photoGeneral Botha in campaigning kit on a white charger (GW)
vintage photoAustrian Archduke Eugene (GW) vintage photoMajor-General Sir A. G. Hunter-Weston near his dug-out (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Commander E. C. Boyle, V.C. (GW) vintage photoCaptain Turner of the 'Lusitania' (GW)
vintage photoCommander Edward Unwin, V.C. (GW) vintage photoAdmiral Sir Henry B. Jackson, First Sea Lord (GW)
vintage photoBrigadier-General W. R. Marshall (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel R. L. Boyle (GW)
vintage photoBrigadier-General Riddell (GW) vintage photoGeneral D'Amade (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel A. S. Koe (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel A. P. Birchall (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel Doughty-Wylie, V.C. (GW) vintage photoSir Ian Hamilton (GW)
vintage photoBrigadier-General M. S. Mercer, C.B. (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel Lipsett (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel W. Hart McHarg (GW) vintage photoBrigadier-General R. E. Turner, V.C., D.S.O., C.B. (GW)
vintage photoSir Arthur Currie (GW) vintage photoBrigadier-General W. T. Bridges (GW)
vintage photoBrigadier-General Hull (GW) vintage photoSir Ian Hamilton and General Gouraud in Gallipoli (GW)
vintage photoMajor-General W. P. Braithwaite (GW) vintage photoMajor-General T. D'Oyly Snow (GW)
vintage photoSir Herbert Plumer (GW) vintage photoFlight-Commander Bigsworth, D.S.O. (GW)
vintage photoSir John Jellicoe (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Commander Martin E. Nasmith, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel H. R. Bottomley (GW) vintage photoSir William Birdwood outside his dugout in Gallipoli (GW)
vintage photoGeneral Hunter-Weston outside his dugout in Gallipoli (GW) vintage photoMajor-General Sir A. J. Godley (GW)
vintage photoBrigadier-General W. Scott-Moncrieff (GW) vintage photoGeneral Gouraud (standing) and General Bailloud in Gallipoli (GW)
vintage photoLouis Cadorna (GW) vintage photoLieutenant J. G. Smyth, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel R. G. E. Leckie, C.B. (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel Hill (GW)
vintage photoSir John French (left) and Joseph Joffre visit British lines (GW) vintage photoMajor C. J. L. Smith (GW)
vintage photoSir William Robertson (GW) vintage photoCaptain John Graham (GW)
vintage photoCorporal William Angus, V.C. (GW) vintage photoAugust von Mackensen fording a stream at Przemysl (GW)
vintage photoGeneral von Linsingen (GW) vintage photoGeneral Ivanov (GW)
vintage photoPrince Leopold of Bavaria (GW) vintage photoGrand Duke Nicholas (GW)
vintage photoCorporal Bassett, V.C. (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Corporal Gillespie (GW)
vintage photoSecond-Lieutenant Sidney C. Woodroffe, V.C. (GW) vintage photoBrigadier-General J. H. Travers (GW)
vintage photoBrigadier-General A. H. Russell (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel M. H. Nunn (GW)
vintage photoMajor-General W. Douglas (GW) vintage photoSecond-Lieutenant G. A. Boyd-Rochfort, V.C. (GW)

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A 'Wibble-Wobble' was slang for tanks.

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