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French Army Commander-in-Chief Joseph Joffre This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photography of armed services' commanders.

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vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel H. G. Levinge (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel J. Carden (GW)
vintage photoMajor-General F. C. Shaw (GW) vintage photoBrigadier-General A. H. Baldwin (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-General Bryan T. Mahon (GW) vintage photoMajor-General F. Hammersley (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant Frederick H. Tubb, V.C. (GW) vintage photoBrigadier-General R. J. Cooper (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-General Sir Frederick W. Stopford (GW) vintage photoJoseph Joffre and King Albert I (GW)
vintage photoKing Ferdinand of Bulgaria with General Ivanov (GW) vintage photoCaptain O. Traherne Williams, D.S.O. (GW)
vintage photoMajor-General H. de Beauvoir de Lisle (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel A. G. E. Egerton (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel Angus F. Douglas-Hamilton, V.C. (GW) vintage photoMajor-General G. H. Thesiger (GW)
vintage photoSecond-Lieutenant R. Price Hallowes, V.C. (GW) vintage photoMajor-General Sir Thompson Capper (GW)
vintage photoAdmiral Lord Fisher (GW) vintage photoSerbian Commander-in-Chief Field-Marshal Putnik (GW)
vintage photoSecond-Lieutenant A. Buller Turner, V.C. (GW) vintage photoLieutenant Thomas C. Agar-Robartes, M.P. (GW)
vintage photoColonel Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart, M.P. (GW) vintage photoKitchener returns to Anzac Cove beach after viewing firing line (GW)
vintage photoCaptain C. G. Vickers, V.C. (GW) vintage photoMajor-General L. Kiggell (GW)
vintage photoSir Charles Monro (GW) vintage photoGeneral Fry (GW)
vintage photoSir Douglas Haig (GW) vintage photoBrigadier-General R. Whyte Melville Jackson (GW)
vintage photoMajor-General Charles Townshend (GW) vintage photoSecond-Lieutenant H. V. H. Throswell, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoAllied council of war, 6 Dec 15: Porro, French, Joffre and Jilinsky (GW) vintage photoGeneral W. S. Delamain, C.B., D.S.O. (GW)
vintage photoMajor-General F. D. V. Wing, C.B. (GW) vintage photoSergeant J. C. Raynes, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-General Sir Julian Byng (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-General Francis J. Davies, K.C.B. (GW)
vintage photoDuke of Genoa (GW) vintage photoDuke of Aosta (GW)
vintage photoBrigadier-General P. A. Kenna, V.C. (GW) vintage photoKing George V meeting Canadian General Officers (GW)
vintage photoKing George V meets Joseph Joffre at the Front, October 1915 (GW) vintage photoGabriele D'Annunzio (GW)
vintage photoAllies at Garua: Maj Wright/Lieu Cook/Br-Gen Cunliffe/Lieu-Col Brisset (GW) vintage photoSir Douglas Haig (GW)
vintage photoGerman Governor of Brussels, von Bissing (at foreground) (GW) vintage photoAdmiral Sir R. E. Wemyss (GW)
vintage photoCaptain H. T. Cawley, M.P. (GW) vintage photoGrand Duke Nicholas inspecting troops in the Caucasus (GW)
vintage photoTsar Nicholas II addressing some of his officers (GW) vintage photoTsar Nicholas II in command of his troops (GW)
vintage photoJoseph Joffre and Henri-Philippe Petain at Verdun (GW) vintage photoGenerals Sarrail and Bailloud at Salonika (GW)
vintage photoBrigadier-General Sir Percy Sykes (GW) vintage photoGeneral Yudenich (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel Lewis C. Howard (GW) vintage photoSir Douglas Haig (GW)
vintage photoSir David Beatty (GW) vintage photoLieutenant Richard Basil B. Jones, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoMajor-General F. J. Aylmer, V.C. (GW) vintage photoGeneral d'Urban Keary (GW)
vintage photoThe Duke of Westminster, D.S.O. (GW) vintage photoGeneral Joseph Joffre inspecting Anzac troops (GW)
vintage photoCaptain Arthur F. Gordon Kilby, V.C. (GW) vintage photoMajor-General Sir C. Mellis, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoBrigadier-General H. T. Lukin (GW) vintage photoVice-Admiral Sir Richard H. Peirse, K.C.B. (GW)
vintage photoGeneral von Boehn, commander of the German Ninth Army (FF) vintage photoGeneral von Boehn and the General Staff of Ninth Army (FF)
vintage photoCaptain McCauig, Montreal Royal Highlanders (GWS) vintage photoBrigadier-General R. E. W. Turner, V.C., D.S.O. (GWS)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel C. B. Leckie, commander Canadian Scottish (GWS) vintage photoColonel Sir Percy Cox, Chief British Resident of the Persian Gulf (GWS)
vintage photoBrigadier-General C. I. Fry and Staff of 18th Brigade (GWS) vintage photoBrigadier-General M. S. Mercer, commander of First Canadian Brigade (GWS)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel Russell Lambert Boyle, 10th Alberta Battalion (GWS) vintage photoGeneral Foch watching French offensive movement north of Arras (GWS)
vintage photoAdmiral Sir Henry Jackson (GWS) vintage photoBrigadier-General Walter S. Delamain (GWS)
vintage photoGenerals French, Joffre and Haig at the Front (GWS) vintage photoLieutenant-General Sir Arthur Barrett (GWS)
vintage photoMajor-General Charles Townshend (GWS) vintage photoBritish General Sir Herbert Plumer (GWS)
vintage photoSecond-Lieutenant Geoffrey Harold Woolley, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoPrime Minister Asquith with Sir John French and Joffre at the Front (GWS)
vintage photoGeneral Michelet inspecting French army post at Ypres (GWS) vintage photoJan Smuts (GWS)
vintage photoLouis Botha (GWS) vintage photoGeneral Botha leaving a train in German South-West Africa (GWS)
vintage photoGeneral Botha and Staff on the South-West African Veldt (GWS) vintage photoGeneral and Mrs Botha at a railway station in German S.W. Africa (GWS)
vintage photoGeneral Smuts congratulates the Imperial Light Horse in S.W. Africa (GWS) vintage photoGeneral Smuts congratulates the Imperial Light Horse in S.W. Africa (GWS)
vintage photoGabriele D'Annunzio (GWS) vintage photoThe Duke of the Abruzzi (GWS)
vintage photoThe Duke of Aosta (GWS) vintage photoGeneral de Langle Cary (GWS)
vintage photoVice-Admiral Leone Viale, Italian Minister of Marine (GWS) vintage photoGeneral Vittoria Zupelli, Italian Minister of War (GWS)

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