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French Army Commander-in-Chief Joseph Joffre This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photography of armed services' commanders.

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vintage photoGeneral Swinton at the Holt offices, Stockton (TR) vintage photoFerdinand Foch and John J. Pershing (TR)
vintage photoJohn J. Pershing, U.S. Commander-in-Chief (TR) vintage photoJohn J. Pershing and Joseph Joffre (TR)
vintage photoJohn J. Pershing and his staff upon arrival in England (TR) vintage photoTasker H. Bliss (TR)
vintage photoPeyton C. March (TR) vintage photoU.S. War Council led by Newton D. Baker (TR)
vintage photoAdmiral Sims (WW) vintage photoAdmiral W. S. Benson (WW)
vintage photoImperial Guard reviewed by Wilhelm II and, extreme right, von Bulow (NW) vintage photoGeneral Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien (NW)
vintage photoGeneral Pau (NW) vintage photoKing George V and Sir Douglas Haig (NW)
vintage photoGeneral von Bulow (NW) vintage photoJoseph Joffre (NW)
vintage photoWilhelm II, Alfred von Tirpitz and Henning von Holtzendorff (NW) vintage photoSir David Beatty (NW)
vintage photoAlexei Brusilov (NW) vintage photoGeneral Sarrail (NW)
vintage photoJoseph Joffre (NW) vintage photoFerdinand Foch (NW)
vintage photoSir John French at an army review (NW) vintage photoPrince Rupprecht of Bavaria (HW)
vintage photoGeneral von Bissing, military commander of Belgium (HW) vintage photoFerdinand Foch (HW)
vintage photoSir John French (HW) vintage photoErich Ludendorff (HW)
vintage photoHelmuth von Moltke (HW) vintage photoPaul von Hindenburg (HW)
vintage photoAugust von Mackensen (HW) vintage photoAdmiral von Tirpitz (HW)
vintage photoThe German General Staff, led by Kaiser Wilhelm II (HW) vintage photoSir Herbert Plumer (HW)
vintage photoSir Henry Rawlinson (HW) vintage photoSir Horace Smith-Dorrien (HW)
vintage photoSir Julian Byng (HW) vintage photoSir William Birdwood (HW)
vintage photoCharles Mangin (HW) vintage photoSir Arthur Currie (HW)
vintage photoGeneral Gouraud (HW) vintage photoHenri-Philippe Petain (HW)
vintage photoGeneral Humbert (HW) vintage photoGeneral Gallieni (HW)
vintage photoAdmiral William S. Sims (HW) vintage photoSir David Beatty (HW)
vintage photoGeneral Peyton C. March (HW) vintage photoGeneral William M. Wright (HW)
vintage photoGeneral George W. Read (HW) vintage photoGeneral John J. Pershing (HW)
vintage photoGeneral Hunter Liggett (HW) vintage photoGeneral Robert L. Bullard (HW)
vintage photoGeneral Pau (GW) vintage photoSir John French (GW)
vintage photoJoseph Joffre (GW) vintage photoAdmirals Beatty and Rodman, King George V and the Prince of Wales (HW)
vintage photoGeneral von Kluck (GW) vintage photoSir David Henderson (GW)
vintage photoLouis Botha (GW) vintage photoSir David Beatty (GW)
vintage photoSir John Jellicoe (GW) vintage photoDuke Albrecht of Wuertemberg (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Commander Max K. Horton, of submarine E.9 (GW) vintage photoCaptain Karl von Mueller of the German cruiser 'Emden' (GW)
vintage photoMajor-General E. A. H. Alderson (GW) vintage photoBaron von der Goltz (GW)
vintage photoSir Edmund Allenby (GW) vintage photoSir Douglas Haig (GW)
vintage photoHelmuth von Moltke (GW) vintage photoThe Duke of Connaught, Governor-General of Canada (GW)
vintage photoPrince Franz Joseph of Hohenzollern of the 'Emden' (GW) vintage photoSir Arthur K. Wilson (GW)
vintage photoAdmiral of the Fleet Lord Fisher (GW) vintage photoCaptain F. C. Bryant, R.A. (GW)
vintage photoCaptain John C. T. Glossop of the 'Sydney' (GW) vintage photoGeneral De La Rey, shot dead in Johannesburg, 15 Sep 1914 (GW)
vintage photoGeneral Christian de Wet (GW) vintage photoLiman von Sanders (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant-Colonel Maritz, who later fled to German South-West Africa (GW) vintage photoRear-Admiral Limpus (GW)
vintage photoAdmiral von Essen (GW) vintage photoSir Christopher Cradock (GW)
vintage photoAdmiral von Spee (GW) vintage photoRear-Admiral Hood (GW)
vintage photoCaptain Cecil H. Fox of the 'Undaunted' (GW) vintage photoGeneral Smuts (GW)
vintage photoGeneral Christian Beyers (GW) vintage photoSir Francis Wingate (GW)
vintage photoSir Henry Rawlinson (GW) vintage photoBrigadier-General C. FitzClarence, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoEarl of Cavan (GW) vintage photoGeneral William Pulteney (GW)
vintage photoFerdinand Foch (GW) vintage photoGeneral Rennenkampf (GW)
vintage photoGrand Duke Nicholas (GW) vintage photoErich von Falkenhayn (GW)
vintage photoAdmiral von Schroeder, German Governor of Antwerp (GW) vintage photoLord Roberts on his 82nd birthday (GW)
vintage photoMitar Martinovitch, head of Montenegro's army (GW) vintage photoLieutenant Norman D. Holbrook, V.C. (GW)

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A 'Baby's Head' was a meat pudding which comprised part of the British Army field ration.

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