Vintage Photographs - The War at Sea

Triumphant return of the Deutschland to Bremen, 1916 This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of the war fought at sea.

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vintage photoSir David Beatty (NW) vintage photoSouth African field artillery embarking on the 'Armadale Castle' (NW)
vintage photoThe Lusitania sailing on her fateful voyage (NW) vintage photoWreck of the Emden (NW)
vintage photoH.M.S. Queen Elizabeth (NW) vintage photoInterior of a submarine, showing the pilot's wheel (NW)
vintage photoGerman merchant submarine Deutschland in Chesapeake Bay (NW) vintage photoThe King George, Thunderer, Monarch and Conqueror in the Solent (NW)
vintage photoThe German fleet (NW) vintage photoOne of the British transports off Gallipoli (NW)
vintage photoTurkish warships in the Golden Horn, incl. the Breslau, left (NW) vintage photoBritish ship in action in the Dardanelles (NW)
vintage photoWreck of H.M.S. Loma run aground in a southwest gale (NW) vintage photoAn Italian battleship in Saloniki harbour (NW)
vintage photoA veteran of two wars in Saloniki harbour (NW) vintage photoHMS Drake (MF)
vintage photoHMS Majestic (MF) vintage photoHMS Monmouth (MF)
vintage photoColourised photo of HMS Terrible (MF) vintage photoSalvaging German destroyer G102 (MF)
vintage photoGerman submarine at Boulogne (MF) vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Danton" (MF)
vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Cometerre" (MF) vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Edgar-Quinet" (MF)
vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Ernest-Renan" (MF) vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Justice" (MF)
vintage photoMarine Nationale - "La Foudre" (MF) vintage photoMarine Nationale - "D'Entrecasteaux" (MF)
vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Messidor" (MF) vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Republique" (MF)
vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Patrie" (MF) vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Tourville" (MF)
vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Vergniaud" (MF) vintage photoMarine Nationale - "Waldeck Rousseau" (MF)
vintage photoGerman battle cruiser "Hindenburg" at Scapa Flow, 21 June 1919 (MF) vintage photoGerman battleship "Bayern" sinking at Scapa Flow, 21 June 1919 (MF)
vintage photoThe German U-35 u-boat at Newport, U.S.A., Saturday 7 October 1916 (MF) vintage photoKing Edward VII, then the world's biggest battleship (MF)
vintage photoSailors of the Blood Watch (MF) vintage photoGerman destroyers beached and sinking off Island of Fara, 21 June 1919 (MF)
vintage photoCaptain Charles A. Fryatt (HW) vintage photoAdmiral William S. Sims (HW)
vintage photoSir David Beatty (HW) vintage photoThe Lusitania (HW)
vintage photoNaval dirigible used for submarine scouting by the Royal Navy (HW) vintage photoSailors rush to the top of a battleship to repel enemy aircraft (HW)
vintage photoGerman merchant submarine "Deutschland" (HW) vintage photoSailors deploying an anti-aircraft gun aboard a battleship (HW)
vintage photoAdmirals Beatty and Rodman, King George V and the Prince of Wales (HW) vintage photoGerman Fleet arriving at Scapa Flow to surrender (HW)
vintage photoGerman ship 'Vaterland' in use as U.S. transport vessel 'Leviathan' (HW) vintage photoHog Island shipyard in Philadelphia with its 50 shipways (HW)
vintage photoBritish Grand Fleet firing royal salute in pre-war Torbay (GW) vintage photoWinston Churchill (GW)
vintage photoSir David Beatty (GW) vintage photoSir John Jellicoe (GW)
vintage photoBritish Grand Fleet in 1914, led by Admiral Jellicoe's 'Iron Duke' (GW) vintage photoH.M.S. Highflyer (GW)
vintage photoGerman Battleship 'Goeben' (GW) vintage photoH.M.S. Iron Duke, Sir John Jellicoe's flagship (GW)
vintage photoH.M.S. Birmingham (GW) vintage photoThe German High Seas Fleet in the North Sea in 1914 (GW)
vintage photoSinking of the German cruiser 'Mainz' off Heligoland, 28 Aug 1914 (GW) vintage photoGerman cruiser 'Mainz' (GW)
vintage photoGerman commerce destroyer 'Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse' (GW) vintage photoGerman cruiser 'Breslau' (GW)
vintage photoGerman naval Zeppelin hovering over aircraft base at Heligoland (GW) vintage photoBritish seaplane armed with a machine gun (GW)
vintage photoGerman cruiser 'Emden' (GW) vintage photoBritish cruiser 'Pegasus', sunk on 20 Sep 1914 (GW)
vintage photoTrack of a submerged submarine (right) passing a Dreadnought (GW) vintage photoSubmarine with its periscope above water (GW)
vintage photoSubmarine E.9 which sank the German Cruiser 'Hela' and Destroyer S126 (GW) vintage photoGerman Cruiser 'Hela', sunk near Heligoland on 13 Sep 1914 (GW)
vintage photoBritish Auxiliary-Cruiser 'Carmania' (GW) vintage photoBritish Cruiser 'Pathfinder', sunk on 5 Sep 1914 (GW)
vintage photoThe foundering of H.M.S. Aboukir, 22 Sep 1914 (GW) vintage photoLieutenant-Commander Max K. Horton, of submarine E.9 (GW)
vintage photoCaptain Karl von Mueller of the German cruiser 'Emden' (GW) vintage photoSurvivors of the wrecked German Cruiser 'Magdeburg' in Petrograd (GW)
vintage photoGerman converted liner 'Cap Trafalgar', sunk on 14 Sep 1914 (GW) vintage photoGerman Cruiser 'Yorck', which struck a mine near Wilhelmshaven (GW)
vintage photoGerman Cruiser 'Magdeburg', lost by shipwreck (GW) vintage photoArrival of British Marines at Ostend (GW)
vintage photoAustralian Cruiser 'Sydney' (GW) vintage photoSir Christopher Cradock (GW)
vintage photoAdmiral von Spee (GW) vintage photoRear-Admiral Hood (GW)
vintage photoCaptain Cecil H. Fox of the 'Undaunted' (GW) vintage photoH.M.S. 'Good Hope', sunk off Chile on 1 November 1914 (GW)
vintage photoH.M.S. 'Monmouth', sunk on 1 November 1914 (GW) vintage photoTorpedo nets to protect a British battleship (GW)
vintage photoPacific Steam Navigation Company's Steamship 'Ortega' (GW) vintage photoH.M.S. 'Hermes', sunk by submarine on 31 Oct 1914 (GW)
vintage photoBritish Cruiser 'Hawke', sunk by submarine on 15 Oct 1914 (GW) vintage photo13.5" guns firing from a British Battle Cruiser in the North Sea (GW)
vintage photoH.M.S. 'Glasgow' (GW) vintage photoH.M.S. 'Badger' (GW)
vintage photoRemains of the 'Emden' on the Coco Islands (GW) vintage photoBritish submarine D.5, sunk by a mine on 3 Nov 1914 (GW)

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A 'Baby's Head' was a meat pudding which comprised part of the British Army field ration.

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