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Triumphant return of the Deutschland to Bremen, 1916 This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of the war fought at sea.

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vintage photoSubmarine chasers built in New York for Russia (CPE) vintage photoA small Austrian submarine (CPE)
vintage photoA Curtiss flying boat built by the Italians (CPE) vintage photoBritish vessels on the Tigris (CPE)
vintage photoRescuing the crew of a torpedoed merchantman (CPE) vintage photoThe 'Sussex' beached at Boulogne, torpedoed on 24 Mar 1916 (CPE)
vintage photoThe Queen Mary, British battle cruiser (CPE) vintage photoFrench submarine Diane (CPE)
vintage photoThe Pommern, German battleship (CPE) vintage photoThe Deutschland's return to Bremerhaven (CPE)
vintage photoSketch of Britannic, a hospital ship sunk by mine on 22 Nov 1916 (CPE) vintage photoThe Marlborough, British battleship (CPE)
vintage photoGerman submarine U-53 (CPE) vintage photoThe Deutschland, submarine merchantman (CPE)
vintage photoThe Hampshire, British cruiser (CPE) vintage photoBritish victors in a fight on Lake Tanganyika, Africa (CPE)
vintage photoBritish soldiers on the Nile; Herts Yeomanry on the bank (CPE) vintage photoFrench marines with German trophies of war (SR)
vintage photoBritish sketch of action during the Battle of Jutland, 1916 (SR) vintage photoSir David Beatty (WW)
vintage photoGerman Navy Zeppelin (WW) vintage photoBritish naval pilot releasing a carrier pigeon (WW)
vintage photoS.S. Imo collided with vessel Mont Blanc, causing the Halifax Disaster (WW) vintage photoAdmiral Tirpitz (WW)
vintage photoGerman raider 'Seeadler' wrecked in the sands near Tahiti, 1917 (WW) vintage photoCamouflaged German U-boat (WW)
vintage photoThe Emden (WW) vintage photoGerman submarine minelayer, the U-C 5, captured by the British (WW)
vintage photoThe Lusitania leaving New York (WW) vintage photoCaptain of the Lusitania, William Turner (WW)
vintage photoBodies recovered from the Lusitania being removed from S.S. New York (WW) vintage photoLast-minute escape from a torpedoed vessel (WW)
vintage photoBritish hospital ship "Gloucester Castle" torpedoed in Bristol Channel (WW) vintage photoTorpedoed Allied ship sinking while a rescue boat approaches (WW)
vintage photoSurvivors from torpedoed ship disembark from destroyer (WW) vintage photoClearly visible wake of a torpedo fired by a German submarine (WW)
vintage photoPhoto of swamped boat from Cunard liner "Ivernia", sunk 1 Jan 1917 (WW) vintage photoSchooner in flames following strike by German torpedo (WW)
vintage photoTorpedoed British transport run upon rocks in Eastern Mediterranean (WW) vintage photoTorpedoed French transport "Medic" sinking in the Mediterranean (WW)
vintage photoTorpedoed P&O liner "Arabia" sinking in the Mediterranean (WW) vintage photoBritish troopship "Tyndareus" sinking after striking a mine (WW)
vintage photoFrench submarine chaser equipped with 75 gun (WW) vintage photoWrecked giant German u-boat (WW)
vintage photoU.S. torpedo in process of assembly (WW) vintage photoLast-minute escape from a torpedoed vessel (WW)
vintage photoBritish cruiser "Vindictive", wrecked at Zeebrugge, 1918 (WW) vintage photoDeck of German destroyer V-69, damaged by British in the North Sea (WW)
vintage photoGerman destroyer V-69, damaged by British in the North Sea (WW) vintage photoBritish destroyers creating protective smokescreens at sea (WW)
vintage photoAllied merchant ships protected by smokescreens (WW) vintage photoSmokescreen generated by U.S.S. Arkansas (WW)
vintage photoGerman floating mine in the Eastern Mediterranean (WW) vintage photoA mine sweeper which struck a mine (WW)
vintage photoBritish drift fleet in the North Sea (WW) vintage photoPutting finishing touches on French submarine mines in Toulon (WW)
vintage photoLoading torpedoes on British submarines (WW) vintage photoBritish B-9 submarines beached for repairs (WW)
vintage photoThe 'Deutschland' at Baltimore, Md. (WW) vintage photoBritish B-2 submarine (WW)
vintage photoS.S. Rochambeau sailing with gun mounted on her deck, 1917 (WW) vintage photoAmerican steamship "Mongolia", which sank a German submarine (WW)
vintage photoCrew on a sinking submarine: many were rescued by U.S. "Fanning" (WW) vintage photoU.S steamship "Rockingham", which was sank in the Irish Sea (WW)
vintage photoBattleship gun turrets being manufactured at Bethlehem Works (WW) vintage photoThe 'Faith' concrete ship, built in San Francisco (WW)
vintage photoThe 'Faith' concrete ship being built in San Francisco (WW) vintage photoLaying the keel for a new ship at an American shipyard (WW)
vintage photoLaunching of the 'Coyote' wooden dreadnought (WW) vintage photoU.S.S. New York (WW)
vintage photoCamp May naval reserves receiving their first boat drill (WW) vintage photoSignalling from the bridge of the U.S.S. Pennsylvania (WW)
vintage photoGun crew of auxiliary supply ship 'Celtic' (WW) vintage photoMaking ready the 14-inch guns on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania (WW)
vintage photo14-inch guns of the U.S.S. Texas in action (WW) vintage photoU.S. destroyer rocking in rough seas (WW)
vintage photoStern of a U.S. destroyer (WW) vintage photoBroadside from U.S.S. New Hampshire (WW)
vintage photoFire on the U.S.S. Wyoming at sea (soon extinguished) (WW) vintage photoU.S.S. Texas leaving New York to join the Atlantic Fleet (WW)
vintage photoU.S. transports conveying troops in foreign waters (WW) vintage photoConvoy manoeuvring after a submarine has been discovered (WW)
vintage photoA U.S. Marine transport (WW) vintage photoS.S. Rochester arriving at Bordeaux to cheering crowds (WW)
vintage photoU.S. transport 'Neptune' ferrying first U.S. soldiers to Europe (WW) vintage photoAdmiral Sims (WW)
vintage photoAdmiral W. S. Benson (WW) vintage photoU.S. Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels (WW)
vintage photoAmerican oil ship, Gulflight (WW) vintage photoDepth bombs on the 'Harvard', a converted U.S. yacht (WW)
vintage photoResults of the British attack at Zeebrugge (WW) vintage photoScots Guards leaving Southampton for the Western Front (NW)
vintage photoGerman battleship squadron with its guardian Zeppelin (NW) vintage photo1,000 ton British destroyer in a heavy sea (NW)
vintage photoDestruction of the cruiser 'Mainz' off Heligoland (NW) vintage photoFrench battleship 'Justice' leading the French fleet (NW)
vintage photoH.M.S. Lion racing into action (NW) vintage photoSir John Jellicoe's flagship, 'Iron Duke' (NW)
vintage photoThe end of the 'Blucher' (NW) vintage photoSaloniki harbour (NW)

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A "salient" is a battle line that projects into territory nominally held by enemy forces.

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