Vintage Photographs - Sketches and Paintings

King Peter I of Serbia (WW) Listed below are the source publications used to provide the photographs available within this section.  Each photo is believed to be copyright-expired except where indicated.

Additional photographs have been generously supplied for inclusion by site contributors: these have been similarly identified where used.

CNP - Collier's New Photographic History of the World's War (New York, 1918)

CPE - Collier's Photographic History of the European War (New York, 1916)

FF - Fighting in Flanders by E. Alexander Powell (New York, 1914)

GW - The Great World War: A History edited by Frank A. Mumby (Gresham Publishing Company, five volumes 1915-1917)

GWS - The Great War: The Standard History of the All Europe Conflict (volume four) edited by H. W. Wilson and J. A. Hammerton (Amalgamated Press, London 1915)

HW - History of the World War by Francis A. March (Philadelphia, 1918)

JH - Contributed by Jason Hanson

MF - Contributed by Malcolm Fairman in conjunction with Clive Baker Postcards, Photographs and Ephemera, https://www.ukoldpostcards.co.uk/

NW - The Nations at War by Willis John Abbot (New York, 1917)

RF - Contributed by Roland Fogt

SR - Contributed by Simon Rees

TR - Contributed by Tod Ruhstaller

WW - Liberty's Victorious Conflict: A Photographic History of the World War, (Woman's Weekly, Chicago, 1918)

'Case-Shot' was the name for a short-range artillery anti-personnel shell filled with pellets, chain-links, etc.

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