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German aeroplane squadron This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of aircraft and aviators.

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vintage photoFrench sausage balloon (WW) vintage photoSausage balloon rising (WW)
vintage photoAmerican air squadron in flight at Kelly Field, San Antonio (WW) vintage photoU.S. searchlight watching for enemy aircraft (WW)
vintage photoU.S. dirigible D U-1 leaving for its maiden flight (WW) vintage photoRaoul Lufberry (WW)
vintage photoWar artist and ace Lieut. Henry Farre (WW) vintage photoLeading French air ace Georges Guynemer (WW)
vintage photoU.S. Marines with anti-aircraft gun (WW) vintage photoU.S. troops firing an anti-aircraft gun (WW)
vintage photoGerman aircraft disturbs Canadian anti-aircraft gun crew (WW) vintage photoBritish airmen examine Richthofen's guns following his demise (WW)
vintage photoFrench anti-aircraft automobile gun in Picardy (WW) vintage photoRange finding for French anti-aircraft gun (WW)
vintage photoGerman biplane brought down in flames behind Allied lines (WW) vintage photoPulling a British anti-aircraft gun into position (WW)
vintage photoMotor bus carrying a French aircraft (NW) vintage photoPhoto taken from the bridge of a Zeppelin during a London air raid (NW)
vintage photoFrench adaptation of the German Zeppelin (NW) vintage photoStern view of a wartime Zeppelin (NW)
vintage photoGerman battleship squadron with its guardian Zeppelin (NW) vintage photoA French triplane (NW)
vintage photoEnglish dirigible balloon at manoeuvres (NW) vintage photoGerman Zeppelin inspecting Warsaw (NW)
vintage photoA French aircraft with two machine guns joined via a turret (NW) vintage photoVerdun aviation camps as seen from a French aeroplane (NW)
vintage photoA French balloon making its descent as the gas was escaping (NW) vintage photoGun and gunners who downed a Zeppelin L77 with a lucky shot (NW)
vintage photoAerial photo of a German gas attack on the Eastern Front (HW) vintage photoAn aircraft about to attack a Zeppelin over England (HW)
vintage photoBritish airmen inspect a large bomb (HW) vintage photoBelgian military observation balloon (HW)
vintage photoAerial photo of a French attack on the naval base at Trieste (HW) vintage photoMechanics tuning up a giant British bomber in 1918 (HW)
vintage photoSir David Henderson (GW) vintage photoGerman naval Zeppelin hovering over aircraft base at Heligoland (GW)
vintage photoBritish seaplane armed with a machine gun (GW) vintage photoBiplane with machine gun in its bow (GW)
vintage photoWeight-caryying biplane used to drop bombs (GW) vintage photoBiplane with curved-back, used by the German air force (GW)
vintage photoTwo-seater British monoplane used for scouting (GW) vintage photoThe 'Spiess' a rigid-type French airship (GW)
vintage photoFrench non-rigid airship used for detailed reconnaissance (GW) vintage photoBritish patrol airship above Ostend (GW)
vintage photoA German Taube (GW) vintage photoA 'Flight' of French military aeroplanes (GW)
vintage photoAircraft fitted with quick-firing gun, manned by a marksman (GW) vintage photoBelgian military cyclists sniping at a German aeroplane above Ostend (GW)
vintage photoBritish aircraft at the Front in France (GW) vintage photoFlight-Lieutenant C. H. Collet, R.N., D.S.O. (GW)
vintage photoFlight-Lieutenant R. L. Marix, R.N., D.S.O. (GW) vintage photoWing-Commander Charles R. Samson, R.N., D.S.O. (GW)
vintage photoFlight-Lieutenant Sidney V. Sippe (GW) vintage photoA Zeppelin being drawn out from a huge Dusseldorf hangar (GW)
vintage photoGerman airship shed with Zeppelin over it (GW) vintage photoAn anti-aircraft gun (GW)
vintage photoView inside a Zeppelin shed containing two Zeppelin aircraft (GW) vintage photoSquadron-Commander E. F. Briggs (GW)
vintage photoFlight-Commander T. J. Babbington (GW) vintage photoGerman dirigible emerging from its shed (GW)
vintage photoGerman quick-firing, anti-aircraft gun at work (GW) vintage photoBritish AVRO aircraft (GW)
vintage photoGerman Taube aircraft downed behind Allied lines (GW) vintage photoAirships of the British Aircraft Service, 'Gamma' and 'Delta' (GW)
vintage photoBritish aircraft used for reconnaissance work over Sinai Peninsula (GW) vintage photoNaval sea plane descending through engine failure in the North Sea (GW)
vintage photoMen of the Royal Naval Flying Corps, led by Commander Samson (GW) vintage photoFlight-Commander Hewlett, rescued at sea following Cuxhaven raid (GW)
vintage photoClaude Graham-White (GW) vintage photoAn army aeroplane in transit (GW)
vintage photoAn aerial duel over the French lines (GW) vintage photoSecond-Lieutenant Rhodes-Moorhouse, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoRemains of German Zeppelin L3, wrecked on coast of Fanoe, Denmark (GW) vintage photoSub-Lieutenant R. A. J. Warneford, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoCaptain Anthony Marshall, D.S.O. (GW) vintage photoFlight-Commander Bigsworth, D.S.O. (GW)
vintage photoAn aeroplane's billet in the tree-tops (GW) vintage photoCaptain J. A. Liddell, V.C. (GW)
vintage photoRussian Army Sikorsky super-biplane, capable of holding 16 (GW) vintage photoCaptured German Fokker aircraft brought down on the Western Front (GW)
vintage photoSecond-Lieutenant G. S. M. Insall, V.C. (GW) vintage photoCaptain Robert Loraine, M.C. (GW)
vintage photoThe war in the air (GW) vintage photoCaptured German Albatross dispatched by rail behind Russian lines (GW)
vintage photoFrench airman Pegoud (GW) vintage photoGabriele D'Annunzio (GW)
vintage photoBritish Flight Sub-Lieutenant R.A.J. Warneford, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoGabriele D'Annunzio (GWS)
vintage photoRoland Garros (JH) vintage photoDeath of a Prussian observation officer, whose Aviatik was downed (GWS)
vintage photoView of a Turkish town on the Dardanelles from a French aircraft (GWS) vintage photoView of a Turkish town on the Dardanelles from a French aircraft (GWS)
vintage photo2nd-Lieutenant Rhodes-Moorhouse, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoSub-Lieutenant Warneford, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoRear-Admiral Charles Lionel Vaughan-Lee, Director of Air Services (GWS)  

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A Town Major was a staff officer responsible for billeting arrangements in a town or village behind the lines.

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