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Great Austrian Skoda gun which fired a 12-inch shell This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of artillery developed and deployed during wartime.

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vintage photoU.S. artillery in action (WW) vintage photoFrench Filloux gun in the Oise district (WW)
vintage photoBritish artillery battery going into action (WW) vintage photoBelgian field artillery disguised by bushes and straw (NW)
vintage photoMotor truck pulling siege guns and supplies (NW) vintage photoBritish field artillery (NW)
vintage photoDefending the Belgian swamps (NW) vintage photoShells for the French 75 gun (NW)
vintage photoTwo German siege guns firing under cover of a forest (NW) vintage photoFrench artillery in action (NW)
vintage photoFieldpiece hit on the muzzle by a shell (NW) vintage photoOne of Germany's 'Busy Berthas' (NW)
vintage photoA disabled Serbian field gun (NW) vintage photoGerman artillery advancing on Warsaw (NW)
vintage photoRussian field gun overturned by a shell (NW) vintage photoSerbian 3-inch gun being moved to a new emplacement (NW)
vintage photoEnormous French gun used on the Somme (NW) vintage photoFrench artillery crossing the Vardar River to aid the Serbs (NW)
vintage photoSerbian artillery covering the Great Retreat (NW) vintage photoSerbian artillery retreating through the Albanian Alps (NW)
vintage photoA masked Italian gun bombarding an Austrian position near Lagana (NW) vintage photoFrench artillery passing a Greek cavalry regiment (NW)
vintage photoBritish guns to help the embattled Serbs (NW) vintage photo240mm calibre guns on steel cars near Verdun (NW)
vintage photoA dummy - fake - French gun intended to fool German airmen (NW) vintage photoA Krupp gun (NW)
vintage photoFrench artillery battery at Verdun (NW) vintage photoStore for thousands of 75mm shells destined for use at Verdun (NW)
vintage photoA caisson of high explosive shells struck, yet there was no explosion (NW) vintage photoFrench artillery embarked on boats (MF)
vintage photoGun and gunners who downed a Zeppelin L77 with a lucky shot (NW) vintage photoA French 75 gun which fired 32 shots in two minutes (NW)
vintage photoFrench gunners with their 75 gun (NW) vintage photoTractor used by the British in Greece to transport guns and supplies (NW)
vintage photoSerbs defending the mountain passes to the Serb capital (HW) vintage photo100-ton German siege gun as used during siege of Namur (GW)
vintage photoJapanese sailors getting naval guns into position to shell a fort (GW) vintage photoAustrian 12-inch siege howitzer (GW)
vintage photoA German heavy siege gun (GW) vintage photoHeavy guns arriving at British headquarters on the Western Front (GW)
vintage photoMontenegran fortress battery operating against the Austrians (GW) vintage photoTrench mortars captured from the Germans on the Western Front (GW)
vintage photoFrench dummy cannon made from a tree trunk to deceive German airmen (GW) vintage photoTurkish Army field artillery armed with Krupp guns (GW)
vintage photoBritish guns arriving at one of the Headquarters on the Front (GW) vintage photoTurkish artillery in readiness for the desert campaign in 1915 (GW)
vintage photoRussian artillery on the battlefront in Poland (GW) vintage photoBritish Naval Brigade hauling a 4.7 gun for siege operations (GW)
vintage photoTwo German field-guns wrecked by Allied airmen (GW) vintage photoSome of the 30 German guns captured by the French at Alsace (GW)
vintage photoBritish artillery in action at Neuve Chapelle (GW) vintage photoA French 75 gun (GW)
vintage photoLoading a French 75 gun in the Argonne on a bed of young trees (GW) vintage photoFiring one of the heavy French guns in the Argonne forest (GW)
vintage photoRussian artillery on the Eastern Front (GW) vintage photoRussian spoils of war: guns captured at Tiflis (GW)
vintage photoRussian guns trained on Przemysl fortifications, winter 1914-15 (GW) vintage photoFrench 75's in action (GW)
vintage photoBritish troops examining captured Sedd-el-Bahr fortress gun (GW) vintage photoWrecked Turkish gun at Sedd-el-Bahr inscribed with 'God be with us' (GW)
vintage photoTurkish quick-firers in action against Allied forces at Gallipoli (GW) vintage photoA British battery in action at Gallipoli (GW)
vintage photoRussian artillery on the retreat from Warsaw, Aug 1915 (GW) vintage photoGerman shell bursting near a French gun (GW)
vintage photoLoading one of the French 155-mm guns in its concealed position (GW) vintage photoOxen-drawn artillery disguised in Serbia to deceive aircraft (GW)
vintage photoGerman field guns captured at Loos and Hulluch on display in London (GW) vintage photoSerbian 6-inch Howitzer Battery in action (GW)
vintage photoBritish guns in position in Mesopotamia (GW) vintage photoPreparing for a heavy bombardment of German trenches (GW)
vintage photoBelgian artillery in action at Lierre (FF) vintage photoA French "75" trained on German lines from a distance of 2,800 yards (GWS)
vintage photoServing a French heavy gun in position in the St Aubin region (GWS) vintage photoBritish gun protected by sandbags and earthwork near Kurna (GWS)
vintage photoA British gun position in Mesopotamia (GWS) vintage photoCaptured Turkish field-gun in British hands at Shat-el-Arab (GWS)
vintage photoIndian artillery in readiness for a Turkish attack (GWS) vintage photoIndian troops with a gun captured from Turkish forces in the Gulf (GWS)
vintage photoFrench aerial torpedo about to be fired from a trench (GWS) vintage photoClose view of a larger aerial torpedo used in French trenches (GWS)
vintage photoOne of General Botha's batteries in action in German S.W. Africa (GWS) vintage photoHeavy French gun in the Argonne forest (GWS)
vintage photoItalian field artillery at the gallop (GWS) vintage photoFrench 75 gun firing at German aircraft in Alsace (GWS)
vintage photoItalian big gun used in mountain warfare against the Austrians (GWS) vintage photoAn Italian light field-gun (GWS)
vintage photoGerman 'revolver cannon' captured by French forces (GWS) vintage photoCaptured Russian guns on display in Berlin (GWS)
vintage photoFrench 75 gun photographed in Alsace (GWS) vintage photoFrench artillery in action in the Vosges (GWS)
vintage photoEmpty French 75 shell cases (GWS) vintage photoA British battery at work on a sand-ridge in Gallipoli (GWS)
vintage photoRussian guns captured by German forces (GWS) vintage photoGerman artillery going into action near Gorlice (GWS)
vintage photoAustrian Skoda gun in action (GWS) vintage photoFrench artillerymen wearing gas masks (GWS)
vintage photoArtillery review by King George V at Aldershot (GWS) vintage photoA large cannon shipped ready for service on the Belgian front (GWS)
vintage photoBelgian artillery officers entertaining British Red Cross visitors (GWS) vintage photoAmmunition train bringing up supplies for the Allied guns (GWS)
vintage photoServing an ambuscaded gun on the Russian Front in Poland (GWS) vintage photoBritish soldiers seated on a captured Turkish gun at Cape Helles (GWS)
vintage photoAnzac troops working the guns at Gallipoli (GWS)  

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A 'Toasting Fork' was a bayonet, often used for the named purpose.

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