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Mario C. Menocal, President of Cuba This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains photos of political figures.

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vintage photoU.S. Congressman A. B. Littlepage (WW) vintage photoU.S. Congressman F. R. I. Ehlbach (WW)
vintage photoU.S. Congressman Samuel L. Taylor (WW) vintage photoU.S. Congressman J. B. Aswell (WW)
vintage photoU.S. Congressman W. A. Ayers (WW) vintage photoU.S. Congressman D. H. Kincheloe (WW)
vintage photoU.S. Congressman Stuart F. Reed (WW) vintage photoU.S. Congressman H. W. Temple (WW)
vintage photoU.S. Congressman M. G. Kelly (WW) vintage photoU.S. Congressman John Baer (WW)
vintage photoNational Food Administrator Herbert Hoover (WW) vintage photoH. E. Goffin (WW)
vintage photoColonel Edward House (WW) vintage photoChairman of Shipping Board E. N. Hurley (WW)
vintage photoFuel Administrator Henry A. Garfield (WW) vintage photoJohn D. Ryan (WW)
vintage photoGeorge Creel (WW) vintage photoCharles A. Piez (WW)
vintage photoU.S. Council of National Defense, led by Newton D. Baker (WW) vintage photoU.S. Congressman John J. Esch (WW)
vintage photoNewton D. Baker (WW) vintage photoU.S. Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels (WW)
vintage photoField Marshal Kitchener (NW) vintage photoUlster volunteers being inspected by Sir Edward Carson (NW)
vintage photoLord Kitchener (NW) vintage photoBritish Prime Minister Asquith in his garden with his small son (NW)
vintage photoBritish Prime Minister David Lloyd George (NW) vintage photoFrench President Raymond Poincare (NW)
vintage photoPrince Max of Baden (HW) vintage photoGeorges Clemenceau (HW)
vintage photoLord Kitchener (HW) vintage photoRaymond Poincare (HW)
vintage photoWoodrow Wilson (HW) vintage photoDavid Lloyd George (HW)
vintage photoGerman Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg (HW) vintage photoAllied statesmen drafting the Armistice terms at Versailles (HW)
vintage photoU.S. President Woodrow Wilson (HW) vintage photoHerbert Asquith (GW)
vintage photoPrince Lichnowsky's final call at the UK Foreign Office prior to war (GW) vintage photoLord Kitchener (GW)
vintage photoWinston Churchill (GW) vintage photoLouis Botha (GW)
vintage photoThe Duke of Connaught, Governor-General of Canada (GW) vintage photoAndrew Fisher (GW)
vintage photoFrench President Raymond Poincare (GW) vintage photoLord Kitchener reviewing Australian cadets (GW)
vintage photoPrince Said Halim, Grand Vizier (GW) vintage photoEnver Pasha (GW)
vintage photoPrince von Bismarck (GW) vintage photoKing George V, the Queen and Lord Kitchener (left) visit a British camp (GW)
vintage photoGeneral Smuts (GW) vintage photoKamal Pasha (GW)
vintage photoGerman War Minister Lieut-General Wild von Hohenborn (GW) vintage photoLord Kitchener (GW)
vintage photoLord Kitchener leaving the War Office in London (GW) vintage photoH. J. Tennant, M.P., British Undersecretary of State for War (GW)
vintage photoAdolphe Max, Burgomaster of Brussels (GW) vintage photoLouis Botha (GW)
vintage photoAllied conference at Paris in Feb 15: Bark, Ribot and Lloyd George (GW) vintage photoGeneral Botha in campaigning kit on a white charger (GW)
vintage photoColonel Sir Percy Cox (GW) vintage photoLord Hardinge, Viceroy of India (GW)
vintage photoSir Arthur Balfour (GW) vintage photoA. Bonar Law (GW)
vintage photoLord Kitchener visiting an advanced French trench on the Western Front (GW) vintage photoThe Right Hon. Marquess of Lansdowne (GW)
vintage photoLieutenant Thomas C. Agar-Robartes, M.P. (GW) vintage photoColonel Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart, M.P. (GW)
vintage photoEleutherios Venizelos (GW) vintage photoCaptain H. T. Cawley, M.P. (GW)
vintage photoLord Chelmsford, Viceroy of India (GW) vintage photoPrime Minister Asquith with Sir John French and Joffre at the Front (GWS)
vintage photoJan Smuts (GWS) vintage photoLouis Botha (GWS)
vintage photoGeneral Botha leaving a train in German South-West Africa (GWS) vintage photoGeneral Botha and Staff on the South-West African Veldt (GWS)
vintage photoGeneral and Mrs Botha at a railway station in German S.W. Africa (GWS) vintage photoGeneral Smuts congratulates the Imperial Light Horse in S.W. Africa (GWS)
vintage photoGeneral Smuts congratulates the Imperial Light Horse in S.W. Africa (GWS) vintage photoVice-Admiral Leone Viale, Italian Minister of Marine (GWS)
vintage photoGeneral Vittoria Zupelli, Italian Minister of War (GWS) vintage photoItalian Prime Minister Antonio Salandra (GWS)
vintage photoFrench President Poincare at the Hotel des Invalides, Paris (GWS) vintage photoM. Millerand, French Minister of War, in Carency (GWS)
vintage photoGeneral Botha being welcomed back to Cape Town, 22 July 1915 (GWS) vintage photoGeneral Botha acknowledging salute of the Naval Guard in Cape Town (GWS)
vintage photoFrench War Minister Millerand at Carency (GWS) vintage photoFrench War Minister Millerand in the trenches with General de Castelnau (GWS)
vintage photoFrench War Minister Millerand touring the battlefront at Carency (GWS) vintage photoFrench War Minister Millerand touring the battlefront at Carency (GWS)
vintage photoFrench War Minister Millerand passing through first line trenches (GWS) vintage photoRt. Hon. Reginald McKenna, British Chancellor of the Exchequer (GWS)
vintage photoArthur Balfour (GWS) vintage photoRt. Hon. Herbert Samuel, British Postmaster-General (GWS)
vintage photoBritish Prime Minister David Lloyd George (GWS) vintage photoDavid Lloyd George (left), then Minister of Munitions (GWS)
vintage photoGeneral Alexei Polivanov, Russian Minister of War (GWS) vintage photoKing Albert and President Poincare saluting the colours (GWS)
vintage photoReception of King Albert by President Poincare (GWS) vintage photoPresident Poincare presenting the new colours, with King Albert (GWS)

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A 'Woolly Bear' comprised a German shrapnel shell, which burst with a cloud-like explosion.

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