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U.S. Declaration of War with Germany, 6 April 1917 This section of the website contains archive photographs taken during, before and after the war.  Specifically this sub-section contains miscellaneous photos that do not sit comfortably within any other section.

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vintage photoPrivate J McKenzie, V.C. (GWS) vintage photo2nd-Lieutenant G. R. Dallas Moor, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoLieutenant P. Neame, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoSergeant D. Nelson, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoActing-Corporal C. R. Noble, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoCaptain H. S. Ranken, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoBandsmen T. E. Rendle, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoPrivate J. Rivers, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoPrivate H. H. Robson, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoCaptain F. A. C. Scrimger, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoLieutenant J. G. Smyth, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoPrivate R. Tollerton, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoCaptain J. F. Vallentin, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoCaptain G. N. Walford, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoLance-Corporal W. Angus, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoPrivate Abraham Acton, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoPrivate Edward Barber, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoCompany Sergeant-Major F. Barter, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoW. Belcher, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoDrummer S. J. Bent, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoLieutenant-Commander E. C. Boyle, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoLieutenant W. L. Brodie, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoPrivate W. Buckingham, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoSergeant-Major H. Daniels, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoDarwan Singh Negi, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoJemadar Mir Dast, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoLieutenant Cyril Gordon Martin, V.C., D.S.O. (GWS) vintage photoGerman soldiers changing money with Russian prisoners of war (GWS)
vintage photoLieutenant F. A. de Pass, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoLieutenant J. H. S. Dimmer, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoCorporal Angus, V.C. (centre) (GWS) vintage photoMichael O'Leary in Co. Cork (GWS)
vintage photoLance-Corporal E. Dwyer, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoDriver J. H. C. Drain, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoLieutenant M. J. Dease, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoLance-Corporal F. W. Dobson, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoPrivate Henry May, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoPrivate W. Mariner, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoPrivate John Lynn, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoDriver F. Luke, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photo2nd-Lieutenant J. Leach, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoF. W. Holmes, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoLieutenant A. M. Leake, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoSepoy Khudadad, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoDrummer W. Kenny, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoLance-Corporal L. J. Keyworth, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoE. G. Harlock, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoCaptain F. O. Grenfell, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoPrivate S. F. Godley, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoLance-Corporal W. D. Fuller, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoThe first V.C. of the war, Charles Alfred Jarvis, won on 23 Aug 1914 (GWS) vintage photoLance-Corporal W. Fuller, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoLance-Corporal D. Finlay, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoSergeant J. Ripley and Sergeant-Major F. Barter, both V.C.'s (GWS)
vintage photoSir Joseph J. Thomson (GWS) vintage photoA batch of bomb castings ready for turning (GWS)
vintage photoFinished bombs being tested before filling (GWS) vintage photoMeasuring and cutting bombs (GWS)
vintage photoA munitioner turning bombs on a lathe (GWS) vintage photoA well-known French boxer demonstrating his physical strength (GWS)
vintage photoA naval gun on a mounting designed for use on armoured car (GWS) vintage photoCaptain T. Wright, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoColonel Doughty-Wylie, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoPrivate G. Wilson, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoTransportable Russian mailed protector for riflemen (GWS) vintage photoMilitary fete day at Peterhof (GWS)
vintage photoMembers of Russian Commission with British officers at Suvla Bay (GWS) vintage photoCommander Eric G. Robinson, V.C. (GWS)
vintage photoCaptain P. H. Hansen, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoClothing from Gallipoli soldiers being fumigated and cleaned (GWS)
vintage photoLieutenant W. T. Forshaw, V.C. (GWS) vintage photoPetty-Officer R. Denyer, D.S.M. (GWS)

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A "Dixie" (from the Hindi degci) was an army cooking pot.

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