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Arrest of Gavrilo Princip following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, 28 June 1914 This page of the Vintage Video section of the website contains archive footage of personalities and events filmed during 1914, both before and after the war had opened.

Footage includes the arrival at Sarajevo town hall of the Austro-Hungarian heir Archduke Franz Ferdinand; shortly after he re-emerged he was assassinated, setting off a train of events that led to the onset of war a month later.

Each recording is titled along with a brief description.

All video files are in Adobe Flash format.   As is to be expected given the age of the material no audio accompanies the film footage.

Video Details
VideoKing George V's State Visit to France Paris, 1914
VideoTsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Russia, 1914
VideoEmperor Franz Josef I Austria-Hungary, 1914
VideoArchduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo Sarajevo, 1914
VideoJoseph Joffre Paris, 1914
VideoCrown Prince Rupprecht Germany, 1914
VideoPre-War London Peace Rally London, 1914
VideoPresident Poincare's State Visit to Russia Russia, 1914
VideoArchduke Franz Ferdinand's Funeral Vienna, 1914
VideoSerbia's Regent Alexander Serbia, 1914
VideoKaiser Wilhelm II Meeting His Generals Germany, 1914
VideoCheering Crowds at Buckingham Palace London, 1914
VideoTsar Nicholas II's Imperial War Declaration London, 1914
VideoCrown Prince Wilhelm Germany, 1914
VideoSir John French Britain, 1914
VideoPublic Reaction in Paris to War Declaration Paris, 1914
VideoErich Ludendorff Germany, 1914
VideoBritish Recruiting Station London, 1914
VideoAustro-Hungarian Troops Marching Austria-Hungary, 1914
VideoPaul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff Germany, 1914
VideoJoseph Joffre in Paris Paris, 1914
VideoFrench 75 Gun France, 1914
VideoFrench Troops Marching France, 1914
VideoCanadian Troop Train Canada, 1914
VideoFrench Foreign Legion Troops Marching France, 1914
VideoPaul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff Germany, 1914
VideoPublic Reaction in Berlin to War Declaration Berlin, 1914
VideoGerman Troops Entering Belgium Belgium, 1914
VideoSack of Louvain Louvain, 1914
VideoGerman Troops Entering Brussels Brussels, 1914
VideoJoseph Gallieni Paris, 1914
VideoJoseph Joffre on the Western Front France, 1914
VideoRussian Prisoners at Tannenberg Tannenberg, 1914
VideoSir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien France, 1914
VideoBritish Troops Receiving Rations France, 1914
VideoFrench Refugees France, 1914
VideoTaxis of the Marne Paris, 1914
VideoBritish Troops Pumping Water From a Trench France, 1914
VideoGerman Troops Preparing Trenches France, 1914

The "linseed lancers" was the Anzac nickname assigned to members of the Australian Field Ambulance.

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