Vintage Video - Crown Prince Rupprecht, 1914

Upon the outbreak of the First World War Rupprecht was given command of the German Sixth Army sent to Lorraine to (successfully) repel the anticipated French advance as set out in the pre-war Plan XVII.

Rupprecht was promoted to Field Marshal in 1916 and given command of the northern group of armies in August, 'Army Group Rupprecht', spending the remainder of the war on the Western Front.

Generally regarded as the best of the German royal commanders who served in the war, Rupprecht came into conflict with Chief of Staff Erich Falkenhayn concerning the German Chief of Staff's central control of battle strategy.

Use the player above to view footage of Rupprecht in 1914.

The first zeppelin raid on London was on 31 May 1915.  Earlier raids in January 1915 had avoided London.  The London raid resulted in 28 deaths and 60 injuries.

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