Vintage Video - King George V's State Visit to France, 1914

Anglo-French diplomatic relations improved steadily in the first decade of the 20th century. The signing of the Entente Cordiale between the two countries in 1904 led to a definite warming in dealings between the governments of the two countries, a development viewed with some concern in Berlin.

To celebrate this improvement in 1914 King George V undertook a state visit to France. His visit was widely regarded as a success with the British monarch keenly welcomed by the French populace during his stay.

Use the player above to view film footage of King George V and Raymond Poincare, the French President, touring Paris in an open carriage, enthusiastically applauded by the city's populace.

"Bellied" was a term used to describe when a tank's underside was caught upon an obstacle such that its tracks were unable to grip the earth.

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