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Sheet music to "Roses of Picardy" This page of the Vintage Audio section of the website contains archive recordings of songs, skits and speeches from the year following the end of the war, 1919.

1919 was a year of continuing turmoil in the capitals of Europe; of growing demobilisation - and of resultant high unemployment.

Each recording is titled along with its performer.

All files are in MP3 and Adobe Flash format.

Sound quality is, alas, sometimes poor, indicative of the state of the then art of sound recording.  Lyrics and the text of speeches accompany many files listed.

Song and Artist Listen and Download
Roses of Picardy
John McCormack
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Goodbye Broadway, Hello France
American Quartet
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Sidney's in Civvies Again
Vesta Tilley
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On the League of Nations
Newton Baker
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Warren G. Harding's Acceptance Speech
Warren G Harding
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What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
Tom Clare
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A "gutzer" was slang for a stroke of bad luck.

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