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Reproduced below is a portion of a speech given by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson to a group of Native Americans in the Spring of 1913.

Apparently patronising in tone if not in intent, Wilson advocated a series of progressive reforms which included increased federal support for the somewhat marginalised Native American population.

During a speech to a group of Native Americans - a small fragment of which is reproduced below - Wilson acknowledged what he called "dark figures in the history of the white man's dealings with the Indians" but went on to assure his audience that the policies of the U.S. government were "benevolent" in intent.

Use the player above to listen to a recording of part of Wilson's speech from 1913.

President Woodrow Wilson
Addressing Native Americans

The Great White Father now calls you his brother, not his children because you have shown in your education and in your settled ways of life staunch, manly, worthy qualities of sound character.

The USA suffered 57,476 fatal army casualties during the war.

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