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Reproduced below are the lyrics to When I Get Back to the U.S.A.

The song was written by Irving Berlin and featured in his first musical Stop! Look! Listen performed on Broadway in 1915.

The song itself did not really bear much relation to the rest of the musical itself but served as a highly popular patriotic number nonetheless.

Use the player above to listen to a version of the song performed by Billy Murray in 1917.

When I Get Back to the U.S.A.

First Verse
I've been on the go for a month or so
Now my heart begins to yearn
For the U.S.A. many miles away
And I'm anxious to return
I have been around, covered lots of ground
But it don't appeal to me
Seeing sights abroad is an awful fraud
I'm as homesick as can be

When I get back home again to the U.S.A.
In the land of peace and freedom I intend to stay
Somehow I never feel at home when I'm away from there, anywhere
No other nation in this creation would ever do for me
I guess I'm cranky 'cause I'm a yankee but then I'm proud to be
On the pier you'll hear me shouting "Hip, Hip, Hooray"
When I get back to the U.S.A.

Second Verse
There is not a thing in the song I sing
That has not been sung before
It's a story old that has oft been told
In a thousand songs or more
But when I salaam to my Uncle Sam
In the good old U.S.A.
It is not because I would ask applause
But because I feel that way

My country! 'tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing
Land where my fathers died
Land of the pilgrim's pride
From every mountainside
Let freedom ring

The German word "U-Boat" was derived from "Unterseeboot" (undersea boat).

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