Vintage Audio - Lady Margot Asquith on the Events of August 1914

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Available here is a recording made by Lady Margot Asquith (1864-1945) in 1918 recalling the events as witnessed in Britain during the days immediately preceding war at the start of August 1914.

Lady Asquith spoke not only as a renowned society figure and wit, but also as the wife of Herbert Henry Asquith, the politician who brought Britain into the war as its Prime Minister in 1914.  Herbert Asquith himself proved a casualty of the war; he was ousted as Prime Minister in December 1916 by his Chancellor of the Exchequer and long-time colleague David Lloyd George.  The latter is regarded now as then as a far more effective wartime leader than the laconic Asquith, who sometimes appeared to take only a detached interest in the conduct of the war.

Use the player above to listen to Lady Margot Asquith's 1918 speech, 148 seconds in duration.

'Strafing' is attacking ground troops by machine guns fired from low-flying aircraft.

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