Touring the Battlefields - Visiting the Battlefields Today

Hyde Park Corner in the Ypres Salient The two most visited battlefields today are the Somme in northern France and Ypres (now spelt the Flemish way 'Ieper') in Belgium.

It's best for the moment to stay focused on these two hugely significant battlefields and perhaps venture further afield later in your travels.  The closest English Channel crossing route for both the Somme and Ypres (Ieper) is Dover/Folkestone-Calais.

Visitors to the battlefields today are basically faced with one of two choices, namely 'doing your own thing' by making your own arrangements, or by joining a conducted tour organised by one of the many tour operators who specialise in battlefield tours (many also offering tours to battlefields world-wide).

Each choice has its own appeal, as well as offering many alternatives within the two basic options.  Let's look at these two options in more detail in the following two sections.

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"Gas Bag" was a slang term for airships.

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