The Western Front Today - Sanctuary Wood Cemetery

Sanctuary Wood cemetery is located nearby the famous Sanctuary Wood museum and Canadian Hill 62 memorial.

The cemetery originally contained 137 graves at the point of the armistice of November 1918.

Greatly expanded in the post-war years (most notably between 1927-32) from grave sites around Ypres the cemetery now contains in excess of 2,000 burials many of which are unknown.

Film Footage of Sanctuary Wood Cemetery

Before Endeavours Fade, Rose E.B. Coombs, After the Battle 1994
Major & Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide - Somme, Leo Cooper 2000

The financial cost of the war is said to have amounted to almost $38 billion for Germany alone; Britain spent $35 billion, France $24 billion, Russia $22 billion, USA $22 billion and Austria-Hungary $20 billion.  In total the war cost the Allies around $125 billion; the Central Powers $60 billion.

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