The Western Front Today - Hill 62 Canadian Memorial

The Canadian Hill 62 memorial - known as Mount Sorrel - is sited next to Sanctuary Wood museum in the Ypres Salient.  The name 'Hill 62' referred to the area's height above sea level in metres.  Although referred to as Mount Sorrel the Canadian memorial is actually located some 800 yards north of Mount Sorrel itself.

The memorial comprises a block of white Quebec granite weighing almost 15 tons.  It is the centrepiece of a circular expanse of green lawn atop three landscaped terraces.  The memorial bears the  inscription: "Here at Mount Sorrel on the line from Hooge to St. Eloi, the Canadian Corps fought in the defence of Ypres April-August 1916".

Film Footage of Hill 62 Memorial

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Prevalent dysentery among Allied soldiers in Gallipoli came to be referred to as "the Gallipoli gallop".

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