The Western Front Today - Lille Ramparts Cemetery

Lille Ramparts cemetery is sited next to the Lille Gate in Ypres.  The path from the Lille Gate up to the cemetery is named after the late author Rose Coombs who wrote the ground-breaking battlefield tour guide Before Endeavours Fade in 1976 and whose ashes were buried in the cemetery in 1991.

The cemetery runs down to Ypres moat and given its proximity to the renowned Lille Gate (and the only cemetery within the old walls of the town) is one of the more popular sights for visiting tourists.

It was started by the French in November 1914 and thereafter used by the British between 1915-18.  153 of the 193 burials are from the U.K.  Five burials are unknown.

Film Footage of Lille Ramparts Cemetery

Before Endeavours Fade, Rose E.B. Coombs, After the Battle 1994
Major & Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide - Ypres Salient, Leo Cooper 2000

A "box barrage" was an artillery bombardment centred upon a small area.

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