The Western Front Today - Lille Gate

Situated within Ypres, most British troops entered (and left) the Ypres Salient through Lille Gate as the Menin Gate was particularly exposed to enemy observation and therefore fire.

The towers from Lille Gate date back to 1395.  Under the arch to the left is a doorway which once led to a small museum (active between the wars) and, before that, to luxurious dugouts (all of the ramparts around Ypres were riddled with tunnels).

This particular one was used at one time as an HQ for the Canadian Tunnelling Companies.

The famous 'The Wipers (Ypres) Times' trench newspaper was initially produced in 1916 at Lille Gate.

Film Footage of Lille Gate

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A "box barrage" was an artillery bombardment centred upon a small area.

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