Propaganda Posters - Germany

Kaiser Wilhelm II Of the nations which went to war from 1914-18 Germany was arguably the best prepared.  Along with France the German government had long planned for war.

Whereas France was expecting a conflict with Germany and Austria-Hungary, Germany reckoned upon facing at least France in the west and Russia in the east: a formidable proposition.

Thus Germany took great care in formulating its own war strategy - the Schlieffen Plan - which in the event failed to achieve its aim of knocking France out of the war in the west and then rushing back to the east to deal with Russia while the latter's painfully slow mobilisation proceeded apace.  For all that, the Schlieffen Plan very nearly came to fruition.

Conscription was a matter of standard policy in pre-war Germany.  However the German government (presided over by Kaiser Wilhelm II) was not averse to appealing for more men, and for stating the patent justice of their decision to enter into a state of war.

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Around one million Indian troops served in WW1, of which some 100,000 were either killed or wounded.

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