Prose & Poetry - War Poetry of S J Robinson - Rest and be Thankful

Russian Poles searching the ashes of their former home Reproduced within this area of the site are present-day First World War poems written by S. J. Robinson.  Click here for an introduction to the poems.

Rest and be Thankful

A soldier of the Highlanders,
The 51st, the Light,
Sat at rest and shivering
As wounded screamed in night

Today should have been Summer
The First Day Of July
Instead, he'd followed them over
Watched slaughtered youngsters die

He bitterly cursed commanders
And swore about the ones
Like general Haig or Rawlinson
Who'd sent them at the guns

He couldn't sleep, yet couldn't wake
Still haunted by those men
Who'd ne'er more see a waterfall
Or ramble 'long a glen

As thousands fade to pain-ed groans
He'd felt guilty to have life
Until he found a postcard
Sent loving from his wife

It came up with morning rations
Then hid in pockets of rank wool
A photograph, of Scotland
- The 'Rest and Be Thank-full -

A "Communication Trench" was a narrow trench constructed at an angle to a defensive trench to permit concealed access to the defensive trench.

- Did you know?