Prose & Poetry - The Muse in Arms - War in the Air

The Muse in Arms - War in the Air section First published in London in November 1917 and reprinted in February 1918 The Muse in Arms comprised, in the words of editor E. B. Osborne:

"A collection of war poems, for the most part written in the field of action, by seamen, soldiers, and flying men who are serving, or have served, in the Great War".

Of the book's total of 131 poems this category - War in the Air - contains eight.  Each can be accessed using the sidebar to the right.  Each of the poems in War in the Air relate in some way to the all-new form of warfare, i.e. aerial war.

Summarised below is a list of the poems available within this category:

'Push' was slang signifying a large-scale attack upon enemy positions.

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