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(Accessed January 2006)FROM: Encyclopedia of the First World War: Women and War

Outstanding Women Involved in WWI
Aldrich, Mildred
Allen, Mary
Bagnold, Enid
Bochkareva, Maria
Bondfield, Margaret
Borden, Mary
Brittain, Vera
Cannan, May Wedderburn
Cathcart-Smith, Catherine
Cole, Margaret
Cooper, Selina
Corbett-Ashby, Margery
Dadeshkeliani, Kati
Dawson, Margaret
Despard, Charlotte
Douglas-Pennant, Violet
Fairchild, Helen
Farmborough, Florence
Furse, Katharine
Gwynne-Vaughan, Helen
Hamilton, Cicely
Hamilton, Mary
Haverfield, Evelina (also featured on this site)
Holtby, Winifred (also featured on this site)
Inglis, Elsie
Jameson, Storm
Lawrence, Dorothy
Lawrence, Frieda
Lee, Jennie
Llewelyn Davies, Margaret
Macarthur, Mary
Macmillan, Chrystal
McMillan, Margaret
McMillan, Rachel
Mitchell, Hannah
Morrell, Ottoline
Orczy, Emma
Pankhurst, Christabel
Pankhurst, Emmeline
Pankhurst, Sylvia
Pope, Jessie
Ross, Ishbel
Sandes, Flora (also featured on this site)
Schreiner, Olive
Sergeant, Elizabeth S.
Sinclair, May (also featured on this site)
Stobart, Mabel
Swanwick, Helena
Thomas, Helen
Thomas, Margaret Haig
Thomas, Myfanwy
Tilley, Vesta
Ward, Mrs. Humphrey
Wells-Barnett, Ida
Wharton, Edith
Wilkinson, Ellen
Yurlova, Marina

Women’s Official and Unofficial Organisations

First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY)
National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NWUSS)
Scottish Women's Hospital Unit
Voluntary Aid Detachments (VAD)
Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU)
Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC)
Women's Hospital Corps
Women's International League
Women's Land Army (WLA)
Women's Patrols
Women's Peace Party
Women's Police Service (WPS)
Women's Royal Airforce (WRA)
Women's Royal Navy Service (WRNS)
Women's Trade Union League

Websites on Women and World War I (except signed essays, academic articles or book selections)

Female Roles in the World Wars (Wikipedia)

First World War.com: Primary Documents: U.S. 19th Amendment: Women's Right to Vote, 18 August 1920

First World War.com: Primary Documents: Primary Documents: Belgian Women's Societies on Germany's Policy of Deporting Belgians to Germany, 18 November 1916

Imperial War Museum: No Job for a Woman - The Effects of War on Women's Lives During the 20th and 21st Centuries

Munitionettes, The

PBS: The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century: Historians

Diane Atkinson: Women and the Vote in Britain

Diane Atkinson: The British Suffragettes

Gail Braybon: Women’s Contributions to the War Effort

Unsung Women of World War One, The: The Signal Corps Women, in Military Women Veteran: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

White Feathers

Women and the Home Front during the War (link collection)

Women and War Work

Women in the First World Wars: Guide Picks (with plenty of relevant links)

Women in World War One (within the History Learning site)

WWI Women Posters

WWI: Thirty Thousand Women Were There in Military Women Veteran: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Articles and Book Excerpts by Author

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Bibliography: Women and World War I

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An Adrian Helmet was a French regulation helmet named after its designer.

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