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Bavarian army artillery (click to enlarge, copyright Simon Rees) One of the joys of writing for First World War.com is the ability to take an article to its full potential - the site allows a writer to work through themes and ideas outside of the normal limitations of a magazine article.  That said, I have tried my hardest to chisel, hone and perfect my work on Munich.

In exploring the history of Bavaria's capital city at the collapse of the Kaiser's Reich I have made a number of important diversions here and there, essentially dealing with what was happening at a national level in Germany, but also in Berlin - the seat of the nation's government.

Too often in writing articles the broader picture gets brushed under the carpet in an effort to claw back the word count.   Fine if the article is written for those with a good knowledge base - not so good for those new to the topic.   I would ask the old hats to therefore remain patient if I take them across familiar territory.

But enough of the small talk.  Let us lift the curtain and start the drama:  "Scene 1 - the assassin waits for Bavaria's Prime Minister to pass."

Simon Rees

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"Gas Bag" was a slang term for airships.

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