Memoirs & Diaries - The Diary of Thomas Fredrick Littler: 1914 & 1915

Thomas Littler, author of the diaries This section of the site comprises the wartime diaries of Thomas Fredrick Littler.

Click here to read an introduction to the diaries.  This portion of the diaries (below) covers Littler's service during the years 1914 and 1914.

Diary Entries for 1914 and 1915

November 12th 1914
I enlisted in the 2nd 5th Battalion Earl of Chester's Cheshire Regiment (Territorial Force) as a Private.

December 3rd 1914
I was drafted to Aberystwyth in Wales; where we were billeted with the civilians, and underwent strict training for ten weeks.

February 16th 1915
Left Aberystwyth and went by train journey to Cambridge, here we had army rations, but billeted with the civilians, and had strict training here for nine weeks.

April 25th 1915
Left Cambridge and went by train to Northampton, here we fired a recruits course, and afterwards a trained mens course on the rifle range, and still billeted with the civilians, also all men who had signed 'Foreign Service' were separated from the men who were 'Home Service', and I being of the age of seventeen and a half, refused to sign 'Foreign Service'.

June 10th 1915
We left Cambridge and went to Norwich (Norfolk) for Coastal Duties, the journey was done by train, also we were billeted with the civilians.

July 12th 1915
I was picked out to go to work at 'Siddley Deasy' Motor Car Works in Coventry (Warwickshire) at my trade, as a turner on munition work.

November 17th 1915
I returned to Norwich and reported myself at Headquarters and I was immediately drafted to the strength of my unit at a place called 'Wroxham' about 7.5 miles nearer the coast, where we were rapidly preparing the 'Defence Lines of England'.

December 10th 1915
We marched from Wroxham back to Norwich a distance of 7.5 miles, and about this time the Germans made a big Zeppelin Raid over Norwich.

December 15th 1915
I was drafted from Norwich back to Cambridge along with 100 men for 'Fatigue Duties' at a large 'Army Ordinance Stores'.

Diary and photographs contributed by Chris Littler, visit his website at www.first-world-war.co.uk.

The German word "U-Boat" was derived from "Unterseeboot" (undersea boat).

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