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Paul von Hindenburg This page of the Who's Who section of the site lists biographical entries by country - in this case, Germany.  Here you'll find details on the life of the Kaiser, Wilhelm II.

There are also biographies of the many German commanders in the field, of the air war's greatest ace, Manfred von Richthofen (the 'Red Baron'), in addition to entries for a wide variety of other personalities.

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Biographies Description
GermanyDuke Albrecht General
GermanyKarl Allmenroder Fighter Pilot
GermanyPrince Max von Baden Chancellor
GermanyGustav Bachmann Chief of Admiralty Staff
GermanyMax Bauer Artillery Commander
GermanyPaul Bäumer Fighter Pilot
GermanyOliver Freiherr von Beaulieu-Marconnay Fighter Pilot
GermanyFritz von Below General
GermanyOtto von Below General
GermanyFritz Bernert Fighter Pilot
GermanyCount von Bernstorff Ambassador to U.S.
GermanyHans Berr Fighter Pilot
GermanyRudolf Berthold Fighter Pilot
GermanyHans von Beseler Military Governor, Poland
GermanyTheobald von Bethmann-Hollweg Chancellor
GermanyOtto von Bismarck 19th Century Chancellor
GermanyOswald Boelcke Fighter Pilot
GermanyFelix von Bothmer General
GermanyKarl Boy-Ed Naval Attaché to U.S.
GermanyGeorg Bruchmuller Artillery Colonel
GermanyFranz Buchner Fighter Pilot
GermanyKarl von Bulow General
GermanyEduard von Capelle Naval Minister
GermanyBerthold von Deimling Field Marshall
GermanyFriedrich Ebert Chancellor
GermanyHermann von Eichhorn General
GermanyKarl von Einem General
GermanyMatthias Erzberger Politician
GermanyErich von Falkenhayn Chief of General Staff
GermanyAnton Fokker Dutch/German Aircraft Designer
GermanyHermann von Francois General
GermanyAlexander von Freytag-Loringhoven Dep Chf of Gen. Staff
GermanyMax von Gallwitz General
GermanyHerman Goering Fighter Pilot
GermanyBaron von der Goltz Field Marshal (Turkish Army)
GermanyWilhelm Groener General
GermanyHugo Haase Co-chairman of SPD Party
GermanyFritz Haber Scientist
GermanyMax Klemens von Hausen General
GermanyJosias von Heeringen General
GermanyPrince Heinrich of Prussia Admiral
GermanyKarl Helfferich Minister of Finance/Interior
GermanyCount Hertling Chancellor
GermanyPaul von Hindenburg Chief of General Staff
GermanyPaul von Hintze Foreign Minister
GermanyAdmiral Franz von Hipper Commander, High Seas Fleet
GermanyAdolf Hitler Soldier
GermanyMax Hoffmann General
GermanyHenning von Holtzendorff Chief of Naval General Staff
GermanyOskar von Hutier General
GermanyMax Immelmann Fighter Pilot
GermanyFrederich von Ingenohl Commander, High Seas Fleet
GermanyJosef Jacobs Fighter Pilot
GermanyGottlieb von Jagow Foreign Minister
GermanyHans Kirschstein Fighter Pilot
GermanyAlexander von Kluck General
GermanyKress von Kressenstein General
GermanyPrince Leopold of Bavaria General
GermanyPaul von Lettow-Vorbeck Colonel
GermanyKarl Liebknecht Revolutionary Politician
GermanyOtto Liman von Sanders General
GermanyAlexander von Linsingen General
GermanyCarl Lody Convicted German Spy
GermanyErich Lowenhardt Fighter Pilot
GermanyErich Ludendorff Quartermaster General
GermanyRosa Luxemburg Revolutionary
GermanyAugust von Mackensen Field Marshal
GermanyGeorg von der Marwitz General
GermanyGeorg Michaelis Chancellor
GermanyCarl Menckhoff Fighter Pilot
GermanyHelmuth von Moltke Chief of General Staff
GermanyGeorg von Muller Chief of Naval Cabinet
GermanyWalter Nernst Scientist
GermanyGustav Noske Politician
GermanyFranz von Papen Military Attaché to U.S.
GermanyWenzel von Plehve General
GermanyHugo von Pohl Commander, High Seas Fleet
GermanyMaximilian von Prittwitz General
GermanyFerdinand von Quast General
GermanyWalter Rathenau Head of KRA
GermanyLudwig von Reuter Admiral at Scapa Flow
GermanyLothar von Richthofen Fighter Pilot
GermanyManfred von Richthofen The 'Red Baron'
GermanyFritz Rumey Fighter Pilot
GermanyCrown Prince Rupprecht General
GermanyReinhardt Scheer Chief of Admiralty Staff
GermanyPhilip Scheidemann President, Weimar Republic
GermanyAlfred von Schlieffen Pre-war Chief of General Staff
GermanyLudwig von Schroder Commander, Belgian Coast Navy
GermanyHans von Seeckt Chief of General Staff
GermanyWilhelm Solf Colonial/Foreign Minister
GermanyAdmiral Wilhelm Souchon Admiral
GermanyMaximilian von Spee Admiral
GermanyGustav Stresemann Post-war Chancellor
GermanyKarl von Tappen Scientist
GermanyAlfred von Tirpitz Naval Minister
GermanyAdolf von Trotha Admiral
GermanyErnst Udet Fighter Pilot
GermanyJoseph Veltjens Fighter Pilot
GermanyWerner Voss Fighter Pilot
GermanyOtto Weddigen U-boat Captain
GermanyKuno von Westarp Politician
GermanyKaiser Wilhelm II Monarch
GermanyCrown Prince Wilhelm General, Heir Presumptive
GermanyKurt Wolff Fighter Pilot (Germany)
GermanyRemus von Woyrsch Field Marshal
GermanyFerdinand von Zeppelin Inventor of Zeppelin Aircraft
GermanyArthur Zimmermann Foreign Secretary

Observation balloons were referred to as 'sausages'.

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