Who's Who - Josias von Heeringen

Josias von Heeringen Josias von Heeringen (1850-1926) served in the German army as commander of Seventh Army from 2 August 1914 until 28 August 1916.

For his notable service at Mulhouse in August 1914, where he successfully repelled the French invasion of Alsace, Heeringen was awarded the Pour le Merite for outstanding leadership and distinguished military planning.  The Pour le Merite was Germany's highest award for bravery, created by Frederick the Great (who preferred the French language over German, hence the award's title).  Upon receipt of news of the award, Heeringen received congratulations from Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Heeringen was subsequently awarded the Oakleaves on 28 August 1916, the day he left Seventh Army.  He was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the German Coastal Defence Forces for the remainder of the war.

Josias von Heeringen died on 9 October 1926.

Flak was a term used to describe anti-aircraft fire.

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