The Western Front Today - Voormezeele Enclosure No. 3

The village of Voormezeele in the Ypres Salient was immediately behind the British lines at St. Eloi before it finally fell to advancing German forces during the great Spring push of April 1918.  The village was subsequently retaken by American troops of the 30th Division on 31 August 1918.

The cemetery was established in February 1915 by Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.  After the war some 1,200 bodies were moved to the cemetery; today there are 1,481 U.K., 100 Canadian, 8 Australian, 3 South African, 2 New Zealand and 612 unknown graves.

Film Footage of Voormezeele Enc 3

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A Kite Balloon was an observation balloon controlled by a cable from the ground.

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