The Western Front Today - Tancrez Farm Cemetery

Sited some 17km south of Ypres Tancrez Farm Cemetery, enclosed by low red brick walls, is located on a road connecting Ypres with Wytschaete and on to Armentieres.

Tancrez Farm Cemetery was so-named because it stood behind a (now rebuilt) farmhouse of the same name; during the Great War an aid post was based at the farm.

The cemetery was started by Allied forces in December 1914 and remained in use until March 1918. The following month the area fell into German hands in the face of the great German Spring offensive, until it was eventually recaptured by the Allies in the closing days of September 1918.  Approximately 300 burials are located within the cemetery.

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A "box barrage" was an artillery bombardment centred upon a small area.

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